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    Are there any servers in which a new player can learn the ropes without getting too brutally punished?

    Public online play of this mod is killed by cheaters and TKing/ sabotaging griefers. Admins seem to not give a shit and protect such people instead. It appears to be slowly dying. Stick around and you will see for yourself. Was some fun for sure, though.
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    Free camera in replay

    Cheaters get blind eyes from admins on servers, MBII's jamme support rotted away ... MBII is dying. :'(
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    Free camera in replay

    Fuck! jamme indeed does not work any longer on replays on the current version! :( This needs to get fixed. As in someone needs to leak a file that makes current MBII compatible with it again if there already is such, otherwise cf. above. :p
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    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Where dem files, you troll? ^_^ OK dem damn .NET patcher is doing its thing. Not with newest dotnet but with mono at least. Whatever. It is not that I am too keen on this mod anyway where cheaters are welcome and let roam freely destroying and/or inbreeding the remaining playerbase.
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    Community Map Feedback

    Ah, thanks and sorry for maybe slightly derailing this or pinging you albeit I'm just sharing my thoughts. FWIW: Here is a willy-nilly sorta ranked in order by how much I like 'em currently list of the maps and my brief concept to remember 'em by: onderon <3 DS prison <3 if what I think it...
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    Community Map Feedback

    Good thread. Even if I might not agree with the CommTower suggestion. Suggestion regarding any map that it is applicable to: Make use of objective markers. (I know sort of a no-brainer). What I would also like to see is a thread with a listing of all the available maps (those still in the...
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    Moviebattles II V1.9.1 Released

    You can release the detroll quartrollstaff removal patch now thx!
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    (RAGEPOST) collect player's accuracy for FAIR-PLAY

    A smart aimbot can lead as Kodar mentioned. And if it is really smart or rather does the leading properly it takes projectile speed and not just the movement / speed of the target into account doing so as well. Otherwise it could allow you to toggle the leading or let you adjust the parameters...
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    (RAGEPOST) collect player's accuracy for FAIR-PLAY

    @Kodar: It is not just the disruptor that is hitscan or close enough to it in MBII. Shots are not as slow as you make them out to be and you are not often enough that far apart from one another to have what you say begin to apply. Especially not with Smuggler likely still being played relatively...
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    (RAGEPOST) collect player's accuracy for FAIR-PLAY

    An aimbot that you can toggle or one that you can one-shot/-time use with the press of a button is a super unfair advantage. You cannot really hope to compete against people abusing such tools. Sure, most people with good aim most likely are not using such a cheat but when such a thing gets...
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    (RAGEPOST) collect player's accuracy for FAIR-PLAY

    I would say it is MUCH more important than new content. I would be 100% for investing all the development time into this. It may not be fun but it will keep the game alive. RIP indeed for games where cheating goes rampant. I stopped playing this mod at around February because it is pointless...
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    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    I feel like this was made for me. Countless times I was not able to retaliate in time / at all due to being in sniper mode. It always felt frustrating and had one long for such a change. And surely as a wrist laser fan I also feel that specific nerf was not called for at all. Was what that...
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    (MUST SEE) Argorn cheat proof.

    The damn aimbot of this (I reckon) is plaguing open as well. Already called out obvious (spectated and 100% sure) cheaters in game. What I did not get, nobody else cared. What I got: Some idiot got really defensive for the cheater -> Must be sitting in the same boat or really wrongly believed in...
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    Updated MBII Client (mbii.x86.exe) Testing (Windows)

    Funny I was just trying to get an updated build for Linux running but so far fail at that and came upon this while searching for info. Could you give instructions and/or produce a new binary for Linux, too? What I did was patch all the MBII specific changes that are in the MBII fork of OpenJK...
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    These parts with a minor alteration: quoted for truth! Welcome! MBII can always use more teamplayers.
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    MovieBattles II V1.6.2.1 Released

    Lunge works as usual, can swing the saber at any time. So why the hell shall it only be useful at one specific range. Bullshit! I guess only the cheaty undocumented diagonally upwards etc. lunges got removed? Since those were not documented how to perform that was the right thing to do. That or...
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    The current version of moviebattles is the worst balanced iteration since 2008

    Flinch was way better than this half-baked knockback (full knockback would be even more ridiculous IMO, like shots having force push >_<). High drain, high regen is a bad idea in my book, too. I realize this is about balance, however the class-change bug regularly ticks me off even more.
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    The Force Monkeys

    That widescreen plus max FOV makes the game look all shit.
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    Won't fix Release's mbii.i386 compiled 'wrong' way - ''use internal jpeg/png'' is not set during make's configure

    Ha, this went unnoticed here because it is all using up to date stuff if you are employing libjpeg-turbo which likely still is faster than libjpeg from the IJG. Good thing you found another workaround for your setup. To name Debian when...
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    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.3 Released

    I had hopes with the last update that the class change bugs were maybe gone. Had the second one since then and as always it lead to a ragequit. :| FWIW it at least made me post this one here, too. xD