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  1. Goosto

    Dev Diary - Enclave Layout Update

    Looks great and I appreciate the reasoning for the changes laid out in the post. There's a lot of maps that deserve another dev pass.
  2. Goosto

    Dev Diary - A Beta and a Mandalorian

    The best mod of all time marches on...
  3. Goosto

    Voice Chat command list for console use

    If you don't map your entire numpad to specific voice lines what are you even doing?
  4. Goosto

    Dev Diary - CTF Resupply & Map Updates

    TF2 here we come. It'll be interesting fighting for resources in a game like MB2. Should encourage teamplay. Nice one devs
  5. Goosto

    What happened to the reek on Arena?

    This was fixed by the way.
  6. Goosto

    Moviebattles II 1.9.3 Released

    Add back in but just for dead Jedi for lore consistency Edit: it's still in, lol. Xmas Mustafar is a beaut, by the way.
  7. Goosto

    Crazy shit on death star

    Cut up a bunch of the best demo clips I had. Don't miss the final bloody confrontation between SkyGuy and Danger Dan. (6:00)
  8. Goosto

    Adding emotes from another mod These look fun as shit. Is it possible to add them to MBII? There are so many players that I want to hug and kiss.
  9. Goosto

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Nicely done. But as long as my team exists, I will kill them. I was walking along this path where my crosshair is, and I think I hit a kill boundary with no warning.
  10. Goosto

    What happened to the reek on Arena?

    Will I ever ride again?
  11. Goosto

    Better Stuff That Needs To Be in The Game ASAP

    Tall Yoda = Yoda in his highchair from episode II. Add now devs.
  12. Goosto

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

  13. Goosto

    Add option for visible damage numbers and hitsounds

    That's right. They are a little hard to clarify though. Most of the sounds are just OUAGH and URGH in all different kinds of pitches. But I've definitely made plays based off of what I hear before. Depends how much clarity the devs want in the game (or if memorization is a skill they want to...
  14. Goosto

    Add option for visible damage numbers and hitsounds

    If possible
  15. Goosto

    Add more ROTS voicelines for the separatist droids

    Where's the Ep 3 rep?? I ripped a bunch the other day if any devs want me to send the files over. Lol
  16. Goosto

    Penekepack 2.3 // COMPATIBLE WITH 1.9.2!

    What would I need to do to install only the music menu? Thanks
  17. Goosto

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    The new chat font lacks soul.