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  1. Noob

    Noob FA Private testing

    Discord - Come here for .pk3 I am going to be hosting a few of my new alternative FA's for current maps at 2000 Berlin Time on the -{EXE}-PAROXYSM server. The current map list will be: tmnt_v2, mb2_cmp_fdepot_v2, mb2_cmp_geocanyon_v2, mb2_cmp_assault_v2 Be there or be square.
  2. Noob

    Bring this back for dueling!

    Was messing around with a friend in old builds of MB2 (B18 and RC1) and I noticed that manual blocks drain bp. As a disarm abuser, I would really like to see this make a return to MB2 to punish people who fail mblocks or spam the mblock in various directions. As far as I know there is little to...
  3. Noob

    [OUT OF SCOPE] Steam launcher been broken for the last few patches

    I have been pretty quiet about this because I figured it was something on my end that was going on. But ever since 1.5.4 was released, launching the game from steam crashes to desktop frequently on initial startup. No warning, no log, just crash after the startup console. This happens on...
  4. Noob

    SERVER -{EXE}- RTV/RTM Server | Discord

    -{EXE}- PAROXYSM | EU -{EXE}- GENESIS | NA Our Discord EXE is back for the nth time; only this time we will be located on both sides of the globe. Anyone is welcome to join the server and fuck around. I recommend everyone come to our Discord and voice chat with us. We love that shit...
  5. Noob

    Whoever owns the tips.reporting servers

    quit trying to fake populate your servers with non existent players, thanks
  6. Noob

    How to fix zoomed in game when using Widescreen (1080p-4k)

    When you attempt to change resolutions in MB2 to your monitor's dimensions, you may sometimes run into an issue where your game is zoomed in and seems to not support the resolution. Windows likes to scale apps and programs to better accomodate the resolution, this messes up a lot of games that...
  7. Noob


    fix the vm on create UI failed after map change. it makes me want to tear my dick off and eat it. reinstalls fix it for a few days then it goes back to it. please u dont want to see my dick in my own mouth do you
  8. Noob


    ever since i moved to europe all i fucking see is smuggler. stop fucking playing smuggler its the most unbalanced unplayable garbage map. american servers never go to smuggler because they r smarticle. i just want to play a low ping server that isnt fucking smuggler! k thx
  9. Noob

    Who owns Open/FA Join Up 24/7?

    See title, a discord or name would be appreciated.
  10. Noob

    Thin Sabers

    There was a lack of a standalone thin sabers mod, so I changed that. Any packs that mess with hilts will probably break this. z_zz_ThinHilts.pk3
  11. Noob

    I'm back

    Prepare yourselves for I have returned.
  12. Noob

    Noob's Sound Overhaul *HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GAMEPLAY*

    I am a complete fan of TehPandemic's work on Battlefront Sound Replacer - v1.0.5 20/10/17 , and I just had to make some revisions and add some new things of my own. So here it goes, this sound overhaul was frankensteined from one of my favorite MBII community mods. I will continue to work on...
  13. Noob

    Player Stats

    Since there are achievements that log how many kills you have globally, there should be a way to see your global player statistics and progress towardsw next achievement
  14. Noob

    Technical Issue Random ping spikes (all servers)

    fix ur netcode thanks. pls gewt someone to fix this pls. every so often i get stuck in ping spikes only on mb2 on every server. becomes unplayable and i know im not the only one. i use dns
  15. Noob


    A list of models that should be taken on. Imperial Army Trooper (w/ or w/o mask, can probably kitbash this easily) Enfys Nest and the Marauders. lots of cool designs here Dryden Vos Pyke alien
  16. Noob

    I challenge you to beat my k/d

    Here you see an un-doctored picture of the best k/d in all of MB2. I challenge you all to take my spot as #1 best MB2 player ever
  17. Noob

    The day you all have been waiting for

    July 23rd, i leave for military. you may call me a big nerd and celebrate when I am no longer here to terrorize you. dont fuck up devs. ill be back in a few years, dread this day. dont fuck up devs. i want a game to come back to
  18. Noob

    SERVER EXE Paroxysm Community voting

    Rules: 1. Keep teams even (Skill overrules number of players) 2. Don't tk a lot 3. Don't be a whiny ass 4. Don't be Jim/Gregor/FO Kylo Ren At our Seattle based server we offer RTV Open mode with community maps included. No one has really done this before so if there are any maps you feel are...
  19. Noob


    In-Game nickname: Noob :)3) MBII Experience: i just started 4 years ago ( hehe irony righTT?) Age: Classified (huehuehue) Description: A reliable person, not the best at everything, balanced player. Uses sound replacement mods because they sound awesome. Reason: Because there are people in...
  20. Noob

    Map ideas for future

    This is going to be brief. Map and description. Vardos: Urban Imperial city exterior, Rebs attack and execute the military official Kashyyyk: Kichirho Beach, CIS take the beach via capture point Jakku: Fight inside a downed Star Destroyer, skewed map interior with sand covering most of bottom...