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  1. Coaltzeqoatl

    Fix a timewasting spot on mb2_commtower

    Cant have shit on templar open
  2. Coaltzeqoatl

    GUIDE: Positioning

    Good post! also, i would like to share with you one of my pro strats, i fear that it will make too many pro players now, the community needs to grow if you know what i mean
  3. Coaltzeqoatl

    Buff FWs by adding a close "deka pulse" effect to Super Push

    That's actually a good idea, boss
  4. Coaltzeqoatl

    Create an MB2 Map Tier List!

    This is the most valid tierlist. You can close the thread now
  5. Coaltzeqoatl

    Advice on how to win duels (Taken from Top players)

    Duel nerds will try to gaslight you by saying that spacing is called shadowswinging and you cant do that!!!! because its bad ok!??!?!
  6. Coaltzeqoatl

    Omelette Prince Impersonating with obscene binds in EU Official

  7. Coaltzeqoatl


    please do go to youtube, because of the copyrights it may not work here
  8. Coaltzeqoatl

    Popped in to check how much has changed

    Welcome back my brother, nice to see you back!
  9. Coaltzeqoatl

    I'm leaving MB2 for good.

    May Allah, The Goblin God and the Boma God be with you. Godspeed
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  11. Coaltzeqoatl

    Mandatory ctf episode

    Salam, new vidya. Would strongly recommend watching it. Might not work for ruskies (i guess billy joel doesnt like russians)
  12. Coaltzeqoatl


    Those damn hackers.. smh
  13. Coaltzeqoatl


    Convert to the church of boma. In my dream I saw it. The LEviathan, the Behemoth. Beast of great strength, able to catch Aaron through bars of solid textures. Born of a mind of crazied frenchman, it had entered my dreams in a subtle and covert way. Many tried to kill it: minature Stone Burners...
  14. Coaltzeqoatl


    I thought that this will be an obiwan creepypasta, like sonic.exe. Was not dissapointed though, rly funney video
  15. Coaltzeqoatl

    MB2 Anime Opening

    The title says it all.
  16. Coaltzeqoatl

    New Catman video!! check it out

    haram modelpacks, reported to youtube
  17. Coaltzeqoatl

    mb2_deathstar WR: 1:06 (0:56) 1/32

    i'll someday try the 1+/32 category and im all for healthy competition (as long as hackers arent involved!1)
  18. Coaltzeqoatl

    new epic bideo??

    Hi its me again, wake up, my new video just dropped. Please enjoy!
  19. Coaltzeqoatl

    mb2_deathstar WR: 1:06 (0:56) 1/32

    Well, managed to beat it, but the difference is really small, so it probably can still be beaten. Beat it if you can!
  20. Coaltzeqoatl

    mb2_deathstar WR: 1:06 (0:56) 1/32

    Hello sir, splendid run. It seems that I have been bested in my own game. In my defence, I can whine that your run was in different category - 1+/32. But nevertheless I will try to beat your WR.