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  1. Puppytine

    Hosting Server Unable to make a server over the internet

    Indeed it's gonna show your internal IP if you're behind NAT. You need to port forward correctly if you want to get server working. Instead of saying "never been able to get it working" post screenshots of port forwarding settings (all of them!) as well as screenshot of console where open port...
  2. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Big FPS issue

    Seems like OpenJK devs really dropped a ball here. I think there's a way to fix it by changing some parameters in config file, but I don't know what exactly those parameters are, and since I don't have the same or similar CPU, I can't investigate it by myself. So far the best I can suggest is...
  3. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Big FPS issue

    Try this one: Just like previous one, shut down Movie Battles, and unpack it into "Jedi Academy\GameData", overwriting existing file.
  4. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Big FPS issue

    Sad. Try running MBII Client without "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\openjk.cfg" file at all. See how it goes. If it won't work, do this: Open a in-game console by pressing Shift + ~ (aka Shift + `) Type and press Enter:condump a.txt Upload a file "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\a.txt" to this thread.
  5. Puppytine

    Technical Issue In-Demo Navigation commands

    jaMME itself still works, but all jaMME-specific features doesn't work in Movie Battles. Those advanced things required to some code to be part of MBII dlls in order to jaMME to work properly, but it's turned out that code was GPLed, so it was a license violation to link that code to Movie...
  6. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Big FPS issue

    No, you are wrong. As we can see now, jamp and MBII Client do use different OpenGL renderers, and jamp has no problems using correct Intel HD driver. Keeping in mind that MBII Client is updated with more recent OpenJK, it's clear now that it's OpenJK's fault. My words about installing correct...
  7. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Big FPS issue

    First thing first, can you please stop posting photos of your screen and post proper screenshots instead? It's not that hard. Second, you need to install or activate proper GPU driver. Post exactly what your specs are: model of your videocard, not just "Intel HD", exact model of CPU, and it's...
  8. Puppytine

    Launcher having an issue with the play button

    Post a screenshot of your "Jedi Academy\GameData" folder. Try executing "PlayMBII_CustomOpenjk.bat" (or whatever it's called) file and see how it works.
  9. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Screen Resolution Scroll to "Issue: Mouse is acting weird, movement of cursor on the screen doesn't match mouse movement. Image is cropped, you cannot see right and bottom sides."
  10. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Cant stay in MBII server

    Have you tried restarting Launcher itself? And where have you place MBIILauncher.exe? I recommend you to redownload Launcher by this link: , extract its content into "Jedi Academy\GameData", and start MBIILauncher.exe exactly from that...
  11. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Trouble running mb2

    You don't pay attention enough. The guide says you need 2013 for Movie Battles, and 2015 for MBII Client: Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide Install Microsoft Visual C Runtime 2013. I doubt that this is what really happened, never heard about this error in the context of C++ Runtimes...
  12. Puppytine

    Launcher openal32.dll could not be found

    Reinstall Jedi Academy. You are supposed to have valid and full copy of Jedi Academy (NOT Jedi Outcast!) installed in order to play Movie Battles.
  13. Puppytine

    Technical Issue How to Disable Fullscreen

    Yes there is. The name of the file depends on what engine you do use: JAMP: Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\jampconfig.cfg MBII Client: Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\openjk.cfg My Documents\My Games\OpenJK\MBII\openjk.cfg The line you're searching for is seta r_fullscreen "1" To enable windowed mode...
  14. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Internet Trouble

    That's probably anti-vpn protection is acting up. Contact owners of the those exact servers you can't connect to. There are links to Discord servers in this list: Movie Battles II Server List
  15. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Errors depending on method of Launching

    MBII Launcher => Settings => uncheck "Steam integration" (skip if there's no such checkbox) => Engine => MBII Client => Play. Disable your antivirus. Go to Windows Control Panel, to the list of installed software. Scroll to where Microsoft Visual C Runtimes can be seen, and post a screenshot.
  16. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Errors depending on method of Launching

    Then what error are you getting right now? Also, are you sure you did actually install 2013, not some other version? And it's x86 (32-bit), not 64-bit?
  17. Puppytine

    Technical Issue Errors depending on method of Launching

    Both errors are discribed in my guide: Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide You should start with installing VC 2013 Runtime. I don't know which guide you did read, but basing on that you can't fix errors that already covered in my guide, you didn't read it.
  18. Puppytine

    Launcher Game wont start through launcher

    MBII Launcher => Settings => Engine => MBII Client.
  19. Puppytine

    Technical Issue How to run Movie Battles II on Windows Vista?

    Wow, this isn't something that I expected. Pretty weird. The function SetThreadErrorMode was introduced in Windows 7, it isn't available on both Vista and XP. And not very long time ago we had an incident with Movie Battles linked to some functions, and even whole libraries missing on XP and...
  20. Puppytine

    Technical Issue How to run Movie Battles II on Windows Vista?

    Closes with what message? As I said, quote error messages fully and entirely.