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  1. Hexodious

    Fixed SBD: Advanced Targeting on Wide Screens

    I've created a crude fix for my use. If it also works for you then great: Hex's Scope Edits
  2. Hexodious

    Hex's Scope Edits

    OG Scopes are nice but I have made some minor tweaks. Red Dot Scopes Brings Wookiee and ARC scopes inline with everyone else by giving them the same red dot as A280. SBD Scope Intended as a temporary fix for high aspect ratios in widescreen, but its usable at any time. Download Links in...
  3. Hexodious

    Fixed SBD: Advanced Targeting on Wide Screens

    For reference I play at 3440x1440 21:9. Advanced Targeting on larger aspect ratios doesn't reach the left/right edges of the screen. Is it possible to expand the red effect to cover the entire screen or to give it a circular bounding (rather than the jarring straight line) area visible when...
  4. Hexodious

    Remove whistle.

    I love the whistle, sing me the song of your people!
  5. Hexodious


    Isn't that already how it works though, its sorted by Score/Rounds not K/D? A kill is 12 points and an assist is 6 (I believe). So 2 assists = a kill in terms of scorebord placement. I think completing the primary objective is also 12 as well as bonus points for being alive at the end of the...
  6. Hexodious

    Best seasonal hat - let's settle this

    Crowns for the top score player on each team. (begun the tk wars have) Salacious B. Crumb - him on your shoulder like a parrot, bonus points if you can make him gloat/laugh every time you kill someone.
  7. Hexodious

    Dojo V2.1 - Progress Update

    Nice, I always like playing on the current version on duel servers.
  8. Hexodious

    Exact value for delay between ee3's snipermode shots?

    The firerate of the EE3 snipe (delay between snipes) which is currently x or to be added later.
  9. Hexodious

    Mando EE-3 and Arc Westar M5

    Even M5 Rank 1 is solid, with Dex 3 you can still control accuracy mid dive by holding walk. Dex 3 also gives the scope perfect accuracy mid air regardless of Westar M5 rank. Personally I like the Westar M5 a lot because I don't typically use Dex 3 builds much (having a single random rocket is...
  10. Hexodious

    I can't believe this is still here

    Haha yup, my mb2 career is older than a lot of the players at this point.
  11. Hexodious

    SERVER Competitive Corner

    Cool concept, hope it works out.
  12. Hexodious

    rage wookiee

    You'd always have the option to go STR2 without gunslap for increased melee movement speed from fury1 and barge. You'd lose force immunity from lightning/grip and some melee damage/knockback but is still an option. I forget if its strength 2 or 3 that stops nades (but if its 2, yes it would be a...
  13. Hexodious

    rage wookiee

    I'd like to add that yes this is very similar to and basically a fairer version of dodge for the Wookiee in terms of temp hp. But while I toyed with the idea of having Rage be an additive thing on damage done (like now) or resetting to full on kills I didn't want it to become a problem for the...
  14. Hexodious

    rage wookiee

    I'd like Wookiee to be able to push better in general, in a similar way that the new dodge is designed to allow (yes we all know the numbers are off but hoping the team tweaks it soon). The gameplay of rushing someone down can be maintained imo, but the scale of it at the moment is a bit too...
  15. Hexodious

    New UI Sucks

    Having the model/hilt saved to the build template would be huge.
  16. Hexodious

    what type of mb2 player are you?

    Part of the furniture.
  17. Hexodious

    Lini's meme montages

    I finally made it into a video :D haha that ending was excellent
  18. Hexodious

    Fixed Saber Stance Switch while saber off (reload)

    I have been unable to saber stance switch several times while my saber is off (reload). It is not always, unsure how its triggered atm. If you try switching during roll, you are unable to switch until you've turned on saber Turning off saber during roll might be related
  19. Hexodious

    Droideka Feedback

    Hi, I've not played MB2 in ages and came back for this patch here is some feedback for the Droideka. I should start by saying how I play Deka as it matters a lot to how I describe the strengths and weaknesses and how I think the class should be played (aka not just another tank). My preferred...
  20. Hexodious

    Dev Diary - Game Stats

    This is cool - I am looking forwards to seeing a future dev post where you break down some findings. Are you able to separate findings based on server geoip, for example seeing meta differences/popularity of classes/abilities based on region? Similar to how we can filter EU/NA maps played in...