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  1. Defiant

    Launcher Launcher won't start - log included

    Redownload launcher from the downloads page. That version we haven't pushed automatically yet as it requires dotnet 4.8
  2. Defiant

    Remove the TK system and friendly fire altogether.

    Avoiding friendly fire incidents (both causing and avoiding) is a core concept of the game. Good team work is rewarded and bad teamwork punished.
  3. Defiant

    [OUT OF SCOPE] why am i banned?! I used YOUR recommended network option and i DON'T have VPN!!

    For the record - we include nothing that prevents people using VPNs from connecting. That's a decision for individual server owners.
  4. Defiant

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    V1.9.2.2 Update Gameplay Change / Fix: Anti-TK System Force Push or Pull displacing players or projectiles, or knockdowns, will be counted as varying amounts of slight 'damage' to the enemy team. Note: This is in addition to the already existing credit for kill assists on players knocked...
  5. Defiant

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

  6. Defiant

    Launcher Launcher has font problems??

    All i can suggest is removing the custom fonts you have installed, seeing if it works, and then adding them in a few at a time to see if you can work out which are causing the problem.
  7. Defiant

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    V1.9.2.1 Update Gameplay Fix: Corrected always swapping to melee at spawn. TK System New: Damaging someone that has not been contributing to fighting the enemy team gives less TK points. New: Getting a kill assist via knockdown with Push, Pull, Repulse, or Lightning push will contribute...
  8. Defiant

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    V1.9.2 Update Summary Many quality of life features and fixes have been implemented to make the mod less frustrating to play for both new and longtime players. Gameplay Dozens of small balance changes and fixes for common issues across classes, weapons, and abilities. This will likely be the...
  9. Defiant

    Launcher Launcher doesn't stay open

    It would still be helpful if you could post any crash logs so we can stop this happening to others in the future
  10. Defiant

    Launcher Freeze on startup

    Which OS are you using? Are you using any shell replacements/extensions?
  11. Defiant

    New Launcher Released

    Create a thread in support please so we can track this properly
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    Any kid-friendly/family-friendly servers?

    To clarify - it is not that we dont care, it's just that this is turn of the centuary technology and very much still the wild west side of gaming. The infrastructure required and used by modern games to handle these sort of things simply doesnt exist. As spag says. The chatbox can be disabled...
  13. Defiant

    Launcher Launcher crash when opened

    Please check for a crash log in Launcher's installation folder.
  14. Defiant

    Launcher Launcher has font problems??

    Is that the full content of the log file? Which version of Windows are you using? Which anti-virus are you using?
  15. Defiant

    New Launcher Released

    It's just not worth the time when the Mac install base will be constantly shrinking as Apple has moved to drop support for legacy applications such as JKA.
  16. Defiant

    New Launcher Released

    Launcher 4.0 Released The new launcher is now live. All Windows users will be automatically migrated to the new application. Linux and Mac users should switch to the cross platform command line updater. Change Log New / Change: Redesigned UI from scratch with a new theme and a...
  17. Defiant

    New Launcher Go Live

    Launcher 4.0 Release Date The new Launcher has been under testing for a considerable ammount of time, and we are please to announce that this process is now complete. Any Windows user on the old Launcher will be migrated to the new version the first time the application is run on or after the...
  18. Defiant

    Not a bug MbII cannot start in Win 11

    There are no compatibility issues with Windows 11 and either MBII, MBII Launcher. I would suggest reinstalling launcher and running reset_MBII_Launcher.bat located in the gamedata folder
  19. Defiant

    Add a sound for spawning players

    No i warn you for derailing a thread to complain about moderation of posts that arnt even in this thread.
  20. Defiant

    Add a sound for spawning players

    The warning was for an anti-semetic comment that I edited out of the post.