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  1. UrbanKillerQC

    The depiction of some of those battles are totally NOT like the Star Wars I knew.

    Stormtroopers are too accurate. :^)
  2. UrbanKillerQC

    Suggestion to shift the attention from overcomplication to creativity.

    I think the hardest thing to get so far in duels as a new guy is swingblocking. The concept is very easy to grasp but for some people the button juggling is frustrating to stay polite. What I'd suggest is allow us to swing while still holding mouse 2. BUT for block to be effective you still...
  3. UrbanKillerQC

    Technical Issue Problem with PB zones.

    Im not sure what causes this. Side zones are fairly accurate but top and bottom ones are streched in their respective direction making PBing a nightmare for me. I looked up a lot of pictures about those zones and I seem to have to aim way higher/lower than I should. I am not sure what may cause...
  4. UrbanKillerQC

    Reporting lamer.

    Name: Liam Server: Official Duel Server EU Time: About 5:35PM GMT -5 Desc: I entered the server and there was 3 players on all out war. I asked what was going on then I was told they were doing 2vs1. I joined, they asked for 2vs2. At the moment I agreed as they were very busy in their 1vs2 and...
  5. UrbanKillerQC


    Been playing for 7 days. Wanted to say hi proper now that I dig the mod. Best saber duels I had in ages.
  6. UrbanKillerQC


    I kind of wish we had access to an unrestricted FFA mode. Sure it would be unbalanced as fuck but it would be a nice way to blow some steam off. The community is really dedicated to the game and new guys like me are getting shafted on a constant basis. It would be fun to be able to just let all...