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    Cannot Reproduce First elevator from reb spawn on mb2_commtower not working

    The elevator is broken and you can neither activate it from above or below
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    Why is the widescreen UI stretched in OpenJK (MBII client) but not in JAMP

    You would expect the opposite
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    What exactly causes the ''Sever Command Overflow'' crash?

    Seems like everyone gets it from time to time and I'm pretty damn sure devs are aware of the issue, but I'm just wondering what the hell causes it. It's so random. Probably not easy to fix or it would've been done long ago, a random crash ain't no fun.
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    What is your favorite MB2 video?

    Mine probably has to be either or
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    Default class builds

    A while back the amount of default class builds has been lowered to 3 generic builds for every class. Why?
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    Launcher Unhandled Exception has ocurred

    Basically the exact same issue as in the sample thread - Launcher - Issues with the launcher (sample way to write a thread!) This started happening after my laptop ran out of power while the launcher was running.
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    Any pugs happening soon?

    Haven't played competitively in ages. If anyone needs a thoroughly mediocre mb2 player hmu
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    Green Bowcaster Bolts

    Why are they red again? Canonically, they were green. Plus more variety during firefights does not hurt.
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    Jamme: Cannot find Droideka model crash

    Getting this error while trying to edit my demo: BG_GetVehicleModelName: Couldn't find vehicle droideka3h2s3 Any ideas? Yeah, I'm running the mb2 version of Jamme.
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    Include Power Battles in the launcher

    These maps were great fun and always a popular part of FA. uMad is included, so I don't see why not PB.
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    [SOLVED] MSVCR120.dll and MSVCP120.dll files missing

    What can I do to fix it? Getting the error right after I launch MBII, but not base JA.