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  1. tupacabra

    lamer US offical duel

    this dude named TheFlyingEnchilada started laming me on the duel server out of the blue. i asked him to stop, he typed in "!kick Cars 3" then said it was a misclick. later, he came up to me, started throwing his saber while i was standing still, and killed me.
  2. tupacabra

    lamer on US Official Duel

    My nickname: Cars 3 Server: US Official Duel Time: 10pm, May 28, 2019 (Recurring, not just one isolated event) Description: there's this guy who goes by the name of kronk, although in the EW server he admitted his real username is Vallumina and he is a part of the mandalorian armed forces clan...
  3. tupacabra

    hi everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i dont go by one name. i like changing it up. you can find me as appius, tupacabra, cars 3, or a couple other names ive been playing for a while, 2-3 years on and off. just recently ive made an effort to learn the deeper in-game mechanics. im mostly on duel servers, sometimes i play on...