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  1. Ginkobum13

    Vote kick or mechanic to prevent laming and timewasting

    A few of people who I talk to said what ruins the game for them is toxic players. I'm sure you guys have heard this all before and an admin online would be a better solution but most the time they aren't available and it would be nice to have a deterrent to the toxic degenerate whose soul...
  2. Ginkobum13

    Z-6 Jetpack Sound and Improved Rocket Sound Effects

    Z-6 Jetpack sound effect: zz_Z-6Sound Replaces all jetpack sound effects and replaces all Rocket sound effects. Z-6 Jetpack edit: amplified thrust, idle, and jetpackoff sounds so they sound more level with all conjunction of sound effects
  3. Ginkobum13

    Improved Rocket Sound Effects

    Here's two improved rocket sound effects: Old: New: Old: New: I got the sound effects from Halo 3 and Battlefront 2005 zz_rocketsound
  4. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Vulkan Renderer not working

    When I try to use vulken renderer I get an error: mbii.x86.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point SDL_Vulkan_CreateSurface could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\GOG games\Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy\GameData\mbii.x86.exe.
  5. Ginkobum13

    Ledge foot position?

    I've noticed that the animation for your leg hanging off a ledge is no longer working in the game since the last couple of updates maybe. I was wondering because no one else in game has recognized probably cus I can use it to bug my leg through flat surfaces but it kinda ruins a immersive...
  6. Ginkobum13

    Technical Issue Empty server list / cannot join servers

    Im seeing empty servers when i refresh it does nothing and copy paste joining just waiting to join all day, any help?
  7. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Visual Bugs

    I've been having weird visual bugs ever since I had to reinstall windows, is there something wrong with my installation?
  8. Ginkobum13

    Copy That ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    This is a sound replacement for all yes replies so you can be like this giraffe neck hedass. Every time you reply yes you will hear "Copy that", Like a boss, you can cover your teammates in a firefight or just agree to a 1v1 with an ego duelist. z_zz_CopyThatt.pk3 Just put this into your MB2...
  9. Ginkobum13

    Permanent Saber/Blaster marks on body

    I'd like to make every shot or slash you land on somebody show permanently until the round is over, would it be possible with some console command or is it not possible to change?
  10. Ginkobum13

    OOF death sounds + Sharper/Brighter HD crosshairs

    This is my oof death sound replacement, it replaces all of the death sounds, pain sounds, and falling death sounds (19 mp3 files) with 4 variations of OOF I got them from: Here's the 90mb link for oof death sounds: z_zz_oof.pk3 Add to your mb2 folder and depending on how much damage is done...
  11. Ginkobum13

    HD Crosshairs + More Transparent Scopes

    Here are 9 improved crosshairs and 5 scopes I made simply by editing the .tga files with Thought i'd share this because I don't see many crosshair mods for Moviebattles 2. I find these much more pleasing to my eyes as you can see the base crosshairs look like crap. Base...
  12. Ginkobum13

    Launcher Launcher Bug

    My launcher says a new version of moviebattles has been released and I cannot find out why it won't work i've tried deleting all mb2 related folders and downloading a new launcher. It wont let me check for errors or anything it just says "Please try to run the launcher once again in 10 minutes.
  13. Ginkobum13

    [EXE]Noob Bad Troll

    How do I delete this thread? I didn't notice this was probably a bad idea to post here I was really high when i wrote it.
  14. Ginkobum13

    Hi id like to join the clan

    Hi my names david and id like to join the clan, how do i make an application?