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  1. Ginkobum13

    {LS} Knight's den Sever admin

    LS server isn't an official server so they can't really do anything about it, they need more admins probably its one of most popular NA duel servers. Pbscripters are a problem with the game, and more people are starting to abuse it seems, hopefully the devs are working on fixing that. I'd...
  2. Ginkobum13

    Vote kick or mechanic to prevent laming and timewasting

    A few of people who I talk to said what ruins the game for them is toxic players. I'm sure you guys have heard this all before and an admin online would be a better solution but most the time they aren't available and it would be nice to have a deterrent to the toxic degenerate whose soul...
  3. Ginkobum13

    NVIDIA RTX Remix in MB2

    I could only imagine my computer setting fire with this, already struggle getting 125 fps in some map areas xD cool stuff though.
  4. Ginkobum13

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    R.I.P. If you guys removed force ghost bug. Why you guys keep fixing fun bugs, games becomming plain and boring without funny stuff like that.
  5. Ginkobum13

    Z-6 Jetpack Sound and Improved Rocket Sound Effects

    Z-6 Jetpack sound effect: zz_Z-6Sound Replaces all jetpack sound effects and replaces all Rocket sound effects. Z-6 Jetpack edit: amplified thrust, idle, and jetpackoff sounds so they sound more level with all conjunction of sound effects
  6. Ginkobum13

    Improved Rocket Sound Effects

    Here's two improved rocket sound effects: Old: New: Old: New: I got the sound effects from Halo 3 and Battlefront 2005 zz_rocketsound
  7. Ginkobum13

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    This feature doesn't work (at least not well). You should be able to punish 200 TK points if you haven't done any damage to teammates and even more if that person has teamkilled on purpose before, it's frustrating to deal with toxic players and only give 100 tk points even if they've done...
  8. Ginkobum13

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    I got teamkilled and am only able to punish 100 tk points after 1 minute in open, this should be removed. Also, increase TK points based on percent of health taken instead of amount of damage done. It should be more forgiving for shooting a deka with 800 HP and increase TK points for shooting...
  9. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Vulkan Renderer not working

    Fixed, thank you
  10. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Vulkan Renderer not working

    When I try to use vulken renderer I get an error: mbii.x86.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point SDL_Vulkan_CreateSurface could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\GOG games\Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy\GameData\mbii.x86.exe.
  11. Ginkobum13

    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    Whoever is doing this needs to stop, it's illegal first of all and why even do this? To kill the NA population? This is some serious scumbag stuff to do, I hope you get your internet shut off for doing this. Hopefully we are accumulating evidence on you already. This isn't funny anymore...
  12. Ginkobum13

    Ledge foot position?

    I've noticed that the animation for your leg hanging off a ledge is no longer working in the game since the last couple of updates maybe. I was wondering because no one else in game has recognized probably cus I can use it to bug my leg through flat surfaces but it kinda ruins a immersive...
  13. Ginkobum13

    Technical Issue Empty server list / cannot join servers

    Yea i updated my game and it was working the day it released but i haven't been able to see any servers or connect to any server on the server lists. It's really weird and my firewall isn't blocking jamp or mbii at all. idk what to do lol
  14. Ginkobum13

    Technical Issue Empty server list / cannot join servers

    Im seeing empty servers when i refresh it does nothing and copy paste joining just waiting to join all day, any help?
  15. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Visual Bugs

    Problem fixed, upgraded to windows 10 and updated my video drivers and the issues are gone.
  16. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Visual Bugs

    Ok so, I have removed all custom mods and it fixed my visual bugs. The only problem I have now is when I minimize/maximize the game my screen goes black and when I alt-tab it ends the application.
  17. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Visual Bugs

    =================================================== Movie Battles II Log file Created on: 3/24/2019 8:35:07 PM =================================================== Current Launcher's configuration =================================================== Installation type (Complete/Basic): BASIC...
  18. Ginkobum13

    [SOLVED] Visual Bugs

    I've been having weird visual bugs ever since I had to reinstall windows, is there something wrong with my installation?
  19. Ginkobum13

    All Sabers

    The glitch only works in duel mode 1. Select any character, select class customization, saber color and hilt. select apply 2. Hit esc and quickly select a character from the opposite team but nothing else, just click the potrait and then hit escape to close 3. It only works if you do it before...