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  1. Fuse294

    Punish players who reconnect during fights

    The title speaks for itself, there is a bit of a problem right now where players will reconnect the moment a fight doesn't go their way which can fuck a team over and rob someone of a legit kill point. I think a system should be introduced where it detects if someone took damage in the 10...
  2. Fuse294

    Thoughts on Yavin Birds

    Thoughts on replacing the birds on Yavin with another character? At the moment they are used solely for trolling, don't contribute anything and just cause chaos.
  3. Fuse294

    Awaiting feedback Fuse294's Bug Report Master Thread

    Given how cluttered I made the bug report forum I've decided to merge all my latest posts and will post any new bugs I find in here, I'll also mark each bug as either MINOR or MAJOR depending on how much of an issue it is.
  4. Fuse294

    Future fix Missing UI_Shaders

    Noticed on a couple of maps that certain characters are missing UI shaders in the menu, I'm fairly certain there are more but I don't have the time to check every single map. Jedi Demo - Korriban Siege (MB2_PS_KORRIBAN) Jedi Master - Both versions of Yavin Assault (I thought I took a picture...
  5. Fuse294

    Confirmed Crusader Models not loading on castlevania

    Crusader and Crusader bowman models on castlevania don't load properly, similar to how the persians did on 300
  6. Fuse294

    Not a bug Visible Lightsaber on Olympus

    Zeus' Staff emits a lightsaber when in use.
  7. Fuse294

    Confirmed Missing / Incorrect Texture Path on MB2_Jakku

    I was playing MB2_Jakku with some of the people from Je'daii and selected Ilco Munica, his Club has no textures assigned to it, server is set to the latest version and I am using the same.
  8. Fuse294

    Watch those Wrist Rockets!

    Title says it all. Wrist Rockets for SBD as an option.
  9. Fuse294

    Fixed SMOD Mute being extended on map change.

    Recently I observed that someone who was muted for 3 minutes just before we switched maps was then muted for 12 on the next map, despite no mods extending the duration of his mute. This is similar to the previously reported issue of someone being unmuted prior to a map change to find themselves...
  10. Fuse294

    SMOD: Name Change

    This was brought up yesterday after someone connected to a server with an offensive name, add the option to force* it to "Padawan" as a means of removing a chance for it to be abused. The person will obviously have the opportunity to change it back but the forced change can help serve as a...
  11. Fuse294

    [How To] Getting sound files to work in Jedi Academy

    I did a topic on this on another JA forum years ago on porting sounds to JA that work such as taunts. This is to help people who are unfamiliar with editing sound files they use for their skin that turn out to be broken, here's a guide on fixing the errors. Being a PORT from another game/mod...
  12. Fuse294

    EU (Withdrawn) Fuse EU SMOD app

    In-Game nickname: Fuse294 MBII Experience: A couple of months now, still pretty sucky with sabers though Age: 29 Description: I'm British, been a fan of star wars since I was a kid, playing JA on and off for over a decade now with a background experience in RP, modifying files, some minor...
  13. Fuse294

    About me

    Hey there I'm Fuse, I've been playing JA on and off for over 10 years now and I've explored many different areas of the game from FFA to RP, I've explored map making with some minor success (not saying they were huge hits but I managed to get the basics down), NPC files and more recently MB2...