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  1. Spaghetti

    Updated MBII Client Testing (Windows)

    A handful of improvements have built up on MBII's OpenJK fork and I would like to give the updated engine some broader testing before it goes out to everyone through the launcher. The most noteworthy changes: Clicking inside the game window or other input while loading should no longer...
  2. Spaghetti

    Fixed Emplaced gun FP drain too high
  3. Spaghetti

    Anti-VPN Monitor

    Due to popular demand and nothing really being shared among the community (some server hosts keeping their own tools as an exclusive feature of their service) I have developed an anti-VPN solution that is freely accessible for anyone hosting their own server. It is loosely based on a shell...
  4. Spaghetti

    Official Modding Tools

    These are now available at the bottom of the Downloads page under Tools. A brief summary of the contents: The original Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast SDK assets and programs (partially reorganized and deduplicated). Map editors (GtkRadiant 1.6 and NetRadiant Custom) and Q3map2GUI, with a setup...
  5. Spaghetti

    Corellia: Past and Future

    Corellia, like many popular maps, has a long and storied history. It has existed almost as long as Movie Battles II itself and undergone multiple revisions with work contributed by several map makers. Earlier this year I began work on the map's first major revision in over a decade, and possibly...
  6. Spaghetti

    cg_drawCrosshairNames broken

    This setting used to work as described - toggle showing names of players when aimed at. It is still doing that now, but also hiding the crosshair entirely...
  7. Spaghetti

    Confirmed Wrong HP value printed in duel mode

    Edge case. Got thrown to my doom by Owe, but he died before I hit the ground.
  8. Spaghetti

    Confirmed Incorrect model/skin char sounds if loaded as a class default model

    In the new custom model system, players that do not have the same custom model installed will see the class's default model instead. This default model will not have the character's model-specific sounds but instead only the multiplayer default male ("take that!"). This is not an asset issue as...
  9. Spaghetti

    Fixed SBD low power mode as idle anim on sold after rally

    As the title says, if you spawn off of rally as a soldier you end up with the SBD low power mode animation when idle (standing still) until the rally bonus ends.
  10. Spaghetti

    Fixed Invalid client data detected - cannot join servers

    Trying to collate an issue someone reported happening a few times: Was playing and got disconnected from the server (full authentic mode) Cannot join open mode servers after this, even after restarting the game (so likely something in the config file) Possibly observer related (model in config...
  11. Spaghetti

    Star Wars Episode X: The Rise of Palpatine

    g_siegeteam1 Jawas1 g_siegeteam2 DuelOfficeSith mbmode 4 matrix_bbrawl
  12. Spaghetti

    Semi Transparent Console

    A minor thing, but this is my preferred compromise for being able to read console text easily while not having the game completely blocked from view.
  13. Spaghetti

    Fixed Team balance join restrict image misaligned

  14. Spaghetti

    Fixed Yoda death sounds are default

    Noticed playing Legends. Unsure if it is simply an oversight with available sounds or modeldata. EDIT: Fixed for a future release.
  15. Spaghetti

    Awaiting feedback Config resets in 1.6

    There are scattered reports of configurations being reset more frequently in 1.6. So far we are having issues reproducing this internally in any consistent manner, so are looking for feedback to help narrow a cause for debugging. If you are experiencing this please compile the following...
  16. Spaghetti

    Force icon replacement

    Since a few people asked about it before, here is a re-upload of the force icon replacement pack I've used for years. I do not recall who made them so if anyone knows I'll happily add credit.
  17. Spaghetti

    Dev Diary - Server List Discord Bot

    Almost 1 year ago I threw together the official web-based server list as a replacement for Jacklul's after it stopped working. Since then it's received some visible and less visible enhancements, the most significant occurring earlier this year when we started collecting server statistics. Now...
  18. Spaghetti

    Movie Battles featured by Vinesauce (2018)

    Always been a fan of the streamer, so I'm surprised I missed this last year.
  19. Spaghetti

    Forum Upgrade

    As you may have noticed, things look slightly different around here. That's because I've just finished upgrading us to the latest release of XenForo! UPDATE (2019-7-21): Added option to link forum and Discord accounts. Changes Here's a brief rundown of the noteworthy user visible changes and...
  20. Spaghetti

    Server List Discord Link

    If you are a server owner and wish to link your Discord server on the MBII Server List, just add this to your server config: sets discord "AbCd123" Replacing string in quotes with your unique case sensitive invite code.