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  1. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    Apparently white sabers are for devs only, which is a total joke because everyone knows that devs don't play this shit lol Even if they do, they never use it, so why not let the players use it? The only time I've seen a white saber in the past 3 years is when players got to use the command to...
  2. Phoenix

    fix purple hitbox

    devs already know its broken but still this clip is fuckin hilarious to me
  3. Phoenix

    [video] mb2 funny stuffs 7

    yeah i made 7 of these
  4. Phoenix

    Thoughts on new Voice Commands?

    I know a lot of people really like the new voice commands so far, but I was wondering if the devs would actually redo all the voice commands with the modern sound. I’d also like to know if this is something the community would like to see, so I made a poll with this thread. What are all of your...
  5. Phoenix

    Technical Issue Lagging in place while others move?

    Okay so this wouldn't be nearly as bad of a problem if I was able to move when the lag spike occurs. The spike occurs so many fuckin times per round that I have a hard time surviving (as they like to happen in the middle of a fight so I'm just standing there like a fuckin retard as I helplessly...
  6. Phoenix

    MB2 Funny Moments

    So I’ve been making these videos for roughly a year now, I’m not sure as to how many people have seen them so I’ll just post them all here. I’d appreciate feedback on what to improve, and which one was your favorite. Enjoy :)
  7. Phoenix

    How do I make a model RGB compatible?

    So for my upcoming replacement pack, there's a special model that absolutely needs to be RGB, but it doesnt come as RGB. How do I go about making it RGB? Thanks in advance.
  8. Phoenix

    How do I add my own fonts?

    I'm working on a pack and I'd like to replace the default font, however I have no clue how. If you can help, please do.
  9. Phoenix

    What do you love or hate about MBII?

    As simple as the question is, people may have a large variety of answers that I'd like to hear. What makes you want to come on and play whenever you feel like it, what drives you to troll, make skin packs, or join a clan? What is the thing that makes MBII a good experience for you? What makes...
  10. Phoenix

    [EXPIRED] Lagging in place constantly

    It's pretty much as basic as the title. Every now and then while playing I suddenly freeze in place without being able to move. I get no connection interrupted or anything, but when I try to move I get teleported back into the place it started. This is incredibly annoying because it only seems...
  11. Phoenix

    Constant Burnout.

    So I have a really big problem when it comes to having fun in games. I tend to play a game for a few days/weeks, and before I know it I'm completely burned out and move on to another game. Currently I'm playing Overwatch, after my recent burnout for MBII. I go through this yearly cycle type deal...
  12. Phoenix

    No .gla found?

    Probably an ez-pz fix, however whenever I try to import the .glm of a model into Blender, it says that no .gla has been found? I've seen other videos that are able to import them the way I try and it works... I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the skeleton of the model, however I am...
  13. Phoenix

    Custom Saber Sounds don't work when turning on saber?

    I'll make this quick: Whenever I press R (reload) to turn on my saber, the default noise plays. But when I right click to turn it on and block, the custom sound plays. How do I make it so that the custom sound plays when reloading?
  14. Phoenix

    Phoenix's Model Replacements [INACTIVE]

    DISCLAIMER: I did not create the models/textures of any of these replacements, all I did was make them "MBII compatible." I figured spamming the forums with model replacements one by one wasn't really effective, so instead I've decided to post them here. While most of these models will be...
  15. Phoenix

    Looking for Zakuul Knight soundpack

    So I currently have a Zakuul Knight model that is ready to be released for you all, however finding sounds (mainly taunts) seems to be really challenging. I've tried getting some of the voice lines from SWTOR, however when I taunt and whatnot in game, nothing plays. If anyone happens to for some...
  16. Phoenix

    Jedi/Sith Mandalorian Model Download

    DISCLAIMER: I did not make these models. All I did was make the portraits for them and make them compatible with MBII. Also, these models may conflict with Penekepack, if that's the case then you'll need to delete Valkorian from Penekepack and it should run fine. If you want to add these guys...
  17. Phoenix

    Does anyone have SWTOR Cinematic Saber sound effects?

    So I'm trying to get some better sound effects for the lightsabers in game because they're a little too bland, and I've listened to some of the saber ignition and retraction sounds from the SWTOR cinematics (I absolutely adore this one: Link). I've tried recording the sounds and removing the...
  18. Phoenix

    How to disable robes on models? [Question]

    Yes, another model question (I'm still new to the whole thing, this may be the stupidest question with the easiest fix ever, I apologize). However, I just need to figure out how to remove the robe on this model. The JKHub page shows a screenshot of it w/o it (Screenshot here), so it's obviously...
  19. Phoenix

    Can't Find Robe Texture for Model Import [Help me T-T]

    So I recently began to start importing models into the game and so far it's gone well. However, I'm currently stuck on this one model. Everything runs fine and whatnot, however the robe texture appears to be missing, even though the picture for it is in the folder. It was originally "robe2.jpg"...
  20. Phoenix

    How To Add Lightsaber Hilts? (Question)

    So recently I've been trying to work on a Lightsaber pack, I've managed to get my test saber into the game, however it's just the red, blue, and green lines showing the X, Y, and Z axis. Would anyone like to explain how to properly do it?