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  1. Phoenix

    MovieBattles II V1.6 Released

    Okay but also bring back old SBD animations though wtf
  2. Phoenix

    MovieBattles II V1.6 Released

    Only complaint with this update is the Minimap being too bright which makes it kind of difficult to see teammates and jus generally where you are
  3. Phoenix

    White Sabers

    I looked back on my old thread and realized I sounded like a total douchebag who took the argument in a bad direction It's pretty much a firm no at this point, I wouldn't really bother it because I'm sure devs have more important things to focus on
  4. Phoenix

    Moviebattles II V1.5.3 Released

  5. Phoenix

    QFXPro v1.0 by eezstreet

    mb2 with lots of glow and motion blur
  6. Phoenix

    So I guess I'm taking a break...

    I'm really glad to hear that all is well, hopefully things get even better for you in the future :)
  7. Phoenix

    Mace is actually right about sabering

    took the words right out of my mouth People who are good at playing Jedi/Sith will always dominate, no matter what. God forbid a duel player join Open Mode, that's when shit just gets ridiculous. It's gotten to the point where I pretty much know everyone's a better duelist than I am- I can't...
  8. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    Doesnt really matter anyways, defiant pretty much shut the idea down for no good reason lol
  9. Phoenix

    Anyone offering professional saber training?

    sorry kim, shill has a secret phobia of bakers
  10. Phoenix

    Anyone offering professional saber training?

    i can teach you how to tk like a legend my friend
  11. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    cmere bro lemme give you a kiss real quick dont worry it aint gay, i got socks on
  12. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

  13. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    That's complete horseshit, if nobody told you to do it you would say that nobody wants it and let us forget about it. If anything, adding classic dotf would solve your "annoyance" problem altogether. The community clearly enjoyed playing it more, I don't see why you don't just change it- the...
  14. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    I don't understand this at all, how is using a unique Saber color that generally fits well with some skins being a snowflake that begs for attention? Classic DOTF is more fun, there's more places and routes to go down that make it more fun. New DOTF might look prettier, but otherwise it's...
  15. Phoenix

    Give back White Sabers

    Apparently white sabers are for devs only, which is a total joke because everyone knows that devs don't play this shit lol Even if they do, they never use it, so why not let the players use it? The only time I've seen a white saber in the past 3 years is when players got to use the command to...
  16. Phoenix

    Balanced jedi?

    Jedi would honestly be so fucked if the shooting physics were like modern games
  17. Phoenix

    The REAL reason why MB2 is dying.

    If more people knew about the game I'm sure they'd want to at least try it. Truth is, not many people are willing to spend $10 on a game from 2003 to play Star Wars like the rest of us, especially with where the brand is heading right now.