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  1. erichirari

    MB2 Documentary. Round-up of events/info

    If there's gotta be an mb2 documentary we might aswell start gathering all of the info we can for it. I think it's fair to talk about events that are related to the mod or the community itself (dramas included). Preferably with dates attached to each event described. And maybe even post...
  2. erichirari


    Post anything musical that is related to MB2.
  3. erichirari

    Saltiest players you've met and/or salty encounters you've had.

    For me it's gotta be GASHT¡, I love the guy but he's always been very salty.
  4. erichirari

    Dump your mb2 memes here

    Can be anything. From screenshots (doesn't even have to be ingame ss), videos, copypastas. So long as it's mb2 related it's all good.
  5. erichirari

    ITT: Post your top 5 mb2 trolls

    I'll start. 1. Sheaconn 2. Rave Blitz (guy manages to get the devs to act up) 3. Fallen Legend (no words) 4. Yam the prussian (former ginger) 5. Evian 150. Mosley guy