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  1. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    I just recently learned how to make content for mb2 on my own, aiming to make mb2 look and sound different or better everytime i log in to keep it fresh, so im sharing some of it here, for now mostly are just replacers so i recommend being cautious if you are using any others that you think...
  2. Cowolin

    Yoda but tall on Open

    All this does is add yoda to open, but tall....thats it have fun here Credits to egirl Maia
  3. Cowolin

    TC(A)W Pack V1 (BROKEN, for now)

    Skinpack featuring skins inspired from The TCW Show and Rebels, Replaces some weapons and sounds as well No download for now Nothing here i created myself, here are the authors and their respective pages: JAWS AshuraDX Omega Jeff The Peneke Pack guy Shoutout to...