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  1. Cowolin

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Hello, you can blame me for some of the clone's and all the new/reworked battledroid sounds, my idea was to expand on their soundsets while keeping as much of the old ones as i could, give then more variety and make then less repetitive/redundant, give more character, covering as many iterations...
  2. Cowolin

    Pure Legends pack.

    i may be working on a soundpack that does just that but for sounds
  3. Cowolin


    that looks promissing
  4. Cowolin

    SW Sounds [updating...] 2021

    hey nice work with these sounds, they will do great in a soundpack, or even used oficially
  5. Cowolin

    Stormtrooper Replacement pack

    i had the same idea when i seen the new skins, i had done it myself for personal use but havent oisted because id fear the same thing about the FA and legends, glad you did tho, this is great
  6. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    Added Tall baby AND yoda to jedi, and replaced the New droid Voice over that came with the new droid models in this recent update, theres Rocket droids for mandalorian, because i think its a crime not to have it
  7. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    Deleted the b1 ultimate pack as there inst a reason to use it now that the models were completely integrated into mb2, also added a small soundpack in tribute to Temuera Morrison the new zeland king that plays Boba Fett/Jango Fett and Clones
  8. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    yes it is Guide: Creating a Custom Model
  9. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    did a small update fixing some sounds
  10. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    Added/replaced new b1s from Battle Droid Ultimate Mod
  11. Cowolin

    Shenghai's Workshop

    Great and hot work
  12. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    Added Army Troopers from JKHUB i havent seen anyone use yet, i hope no trouble comes out from this
  13. Cowolin

    Coolin's Workshop

    I just recently learned how to make content for mb2 on my own, aiming to make mb2 look and sound different or better everytime i log in to keep it fresh, so im sharing some of it here, for now mostly are just replacers so i recommend being cautious if you are using any others that you think...
  14. Cowolin

    Landolore's Modpack 1.6

    star wars only
  15. Cowolin

    Yoda but tall on Open

    should be fixed now
  16. Cowolin

    Yoda but tall on Open

    All this does is add yoda to open, but tall....thats it have fun here Credits to egirl Maia
  17. Cowolin

    Landolore's Modpack 1.6

    this is gwood
  18. Cowolin

    MovieBattles II V1.7 Released

    i think i like this
  19. Cowolin

    TC(A)W Pack V1 (BROKEN, for now)

    thank you for the feed, and im sorry if it crashes, its pretty inconsistent not gonna lie, ill hopefully improve upon it in the future