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    [Video] Clone Shenanigans! Out Now!

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    [Video] Vibing With The Devil!

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    [video] WHEN WILL I LEARN!? (Movie Battles 2)

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    [Video] Movie Battles 2 But Jabba Pulls Up STRAPPED!

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    [video] The Legend Of Cock Jo!

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    Make Note Of This Troll

    Hey everybody, i just wanted to give people a heads up, i believe some of je'daii already know of him, and so do some of cult ragnos, but this one particular player called Killuminati (sometimes goes by [killuminati] Makaveli) is a toxic troll who always plays on duel servers, and does the same...
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    Curious request? [Voice Line Change suggestion For kit Fisto]

    so I've seen a few videos of those voice clips videos from other sw games pop up in my recommended on youtube (Star wars battlefront 2, Star wars RoTS the video game etc), and having watched some, and it got me thinking 'i wonder why they dont use the lines from Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels game...