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  1. Spaghetti

    Launcher Launcher problem

    It is not a virus. You will need to whitelist it, and if possible, report the false positive to McAfee.
  2. Spaghetti

    Cool features from Movie Duels that should be in Movie Battles.

    A ledge grabbing mechanic could also be used with other things like grapple hook to smooth over some awkwardness with climbing and that. The main limitation on why things like this haven't been done previously is a kind of development snarl when it comes to adding new animations.
  3. Spaghetti

    Third party [Server] numSnapshotEntities wrapping

    If duel mode is not incrementing the round limit counter then that is a separate issue which we could fix.
  4. Spaghetti

    Third party [Server] numSnapshotEntities wrapping

    Because it's not a crash. // this can happen considerably earlier when lots of clients play and the map doesn't change if ( svs.nextSnapshotEntities >= 0x7FFFFFFE - svs.numSnapshotEntities ) { SV_Shutdown( "Restarting server due to numSnapshotEntities wrapping" ); Cbuf_AddText( va( "map...
  5. Spaghetti

    Future fix SBD Animation glitch

    Will be fixed in the next update.
  6. Spaghetti

    Future fix Don't work cloak (maybe another siege_item) if saber is off.

    :rolleyes: Did you have something to add or are you just bumping this minor issue to try and get it resolved faster?
  7. Spaghetti

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Special input modes like the console, menus, and chat were intentionally excluded to avoid accidentally triggering a reconnect while doing something else. It appears that the command for chat activation also suppresses detection of the Enter key (probably runs before the check is done), so I...
  8. Spaghetti

    Future fix Spin Event: Extra Life does nothing in CTF

    Set it up so you get an almost instant respawn from this.
  9. Spaghetti

    Future fix Clone torso caps texture bug

    This should be fixed the next time we update models.
  10. Spaghetti

    Future fix Over the shoulder cam is broken

    I can see why you would say that, however this is more of an issue of default settings changing. The over the shoulder cam was designed to work with: cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp 0.3 cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp 0.6 It still 'works' if those values are set. At least the camera ends up pointing forward...
  11. Spaghetti

    Future fix Server crash on Deka discharge

    Could not reproduce any crashes, and the relevant code hasn't changed for a few releases so the crash shouldn't be new, but I made a change which might fix it if something that shouldn't happen happens.
  12. Spaghetti

    Future fix TK points are assigned in Dueling servers

    Will be fixed in a soon to be released update.
  13. Spaghetti

    Future fix Starkillerbase glossy floor makes saber transparent with Vulkan

    Video reference:
  14. Spaghetti

    Future fix Spin Event: Impossibility to push grenades/rockets

    It clearly bothered you enough to post a bug report though. This is a case of it being 100% unintended. We never ran official servers with spin except in Open or FA/Legends for good reason.
  15. Spaghetti

    Future fix Spin Event: Impossibility to push grenades/rockets

    I would say don't enable spin in duel mode. There's probably other systems not setup to account for effectively FFA conditions. Was an oversight but we'll probably disable it from functioning at all in Duel.
  16. Spaghetti

    [SOLVED] sdl_vulkan_createsurface missing

    Answered here: [SOLVED] - Vulkan Renderer not working
  17. Spaghetti

    Technical Issue Controller still not working after steam overlay was added

    The only suggestion I would have is running Steam as admin. Beyond that the game doesn't support modern controllers, so anything that does work is a happy accident with no guarantees of it continuing to work if Steam, your configuration, or anything else changes.
  18. Spaghetti

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    Bob's issue had nothing to do with version conflicts. He ran through a bunch of other steps to rule things out before replacing the configs (which included the correct ones, jampconfig.cfg alone is not sufficient). So it's something related to that. Unfortunately I could not reproduce the issue...
  19. Spaghetti

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    No there's no intention there. But neither has there been any change that would cause such behavior. If you changed renderer to Vulkan that might just be how that behaves. I do not know. That sounds very much like you were running mismatched client/ui DLLs extracted when using JAMP engine. Did...
  20. Spaghetti

    Moviebattles II 1.9.2 Released

    That can happen in the launcher depending on when it was started, but the game's server list is working just fine.