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  1. kvinto

    kvinto's Meme Battles 3

    idiota. I just sit on CW for 5 minutes
  2. kvinto

    kvinto's Meme Battles 3

    quick video, normal one sometime soon
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  4. kvinto

    Formal Apology

    yeah cause if they don't crouch they get knocked down and die. That's not even the problem with the stagger though. The problem is that wook barge has been bugged since fucking forever and hits more than once (and it's been on the Trello as a bug since I reported it to tempest years ago) making...
  5. kvinto

    kvinto's Meme Battles 3

    reported for usage of racial slurs btw
  6. kvinto

    Toxicity kinda kills this game for me and most likely others

    honestly i've never met anyone toxic in this game lol its probably you being toxic and everyone reacts to you buddy
  7. kvinto

    kvinto's Meme Battles 3

    ALRIGHT EPISODE 2 NOW WITH MORE (VERY)FUNNY MOMENTS AND EPIC KILLS im out of old demos so no upload for a while
  8. kvinto

    kvinto's Meme Battles 3

    HELLO So since this idiot (@Liniyka_xddd [Dude thought he could steal the Meme Battles name from my discord lol. ]) decided to quit and stop making videos I decided to bring back actually FUNNY videos. Similar videos to the critically acclaimed Time-Wasting Diaries. Now with increased budget and...
  9. kvinto

    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    uhm. @Defiant ? What do you think about this? How is this ALLOWED ON THE FORUMS? EXCUSE ME?
  10. kvinto

    Hi, please nerf destroyer droid pulse

    tier on tier violence
  11. kvinto

    360 noscopes

  12. kvinto

    Lini's meme montages

    I didn't.
  13. kvinto

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    my game still freezes every 2-3 seconds
  14. kvinto

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    my game drops from locked 165fps to 49 every 3 seconds
  15. kvinto

    Saltiest players you've met and/or salty encounters you've had.

    this floppa guy is really salty, i try to nadejump to deathstar obj and he keeps camping me there
  16. kvinto

    Force block should block force sense

  17. kvinto

    Played in EU, encountered another Script Kitty 😺

    selling this for $15, accepting btc, dm on discord neither can you
  18. kvinto

    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    still staggers 3 fucking times btw