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  1. SeV

    How performance enhancing drugs effect dueling in MB2, I shit you not

    Are you sure the effect of the drug has worn off?
  2. SeV

    Add option for visible damage numbers and hitsounds

    It would be nice to have access to the damage print commands, to see how much BP damage a certain lightsaber attack does to an enemy, or to test how much HP damage a clone rifle does vs an e-11 primary, or how much FP it costs to block a proj shot in facehug range vs far away or whatever. I...
  3. SeV

    Fix Yaws

    Spinning is not an issue if you just learn to handle it. First thing to consider is that if someone goes full spintard, they will use one of four PB zones (not W and the others overlap) You pre-aim one of them and get a 25% chance to PB on each of their hits in a 4 hit combo. Secondly, since...
  4. SeV

    [SOLVED] Snaps

    Snaps should be the same or higher than server fps. 40 is the standard, but some servers run higher snaps like 50 or 80. If you go to the server list on website, launcher or in-game and click info, you should see sv_fps of the server. The console command for this is simply /snaps 40 and it...
  5. SeV

    Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released

    Yeah that feels horrible and was my main reason for mentioning the +use stuff.
  6. SeV

    MBII Frag video: Short'n'1337

    Lol! The wallrun of the wallruns. Never4get.
  7. SeV

    Hex's Scope Edits

    Nice scope edits, but dat resolution. You must have eyes like a horse to see your HP and FP. Having a third hud option to center vitals doesn't seem like a bad idea if you're playing in ultrawide, lol.
  8. SeV

    Penekepack 2.2 // COMPATIBLE WITH 1.9.1!

    The file should look like this zzz_file.pk3. You can find the added models under the custom tab. I also missed it the first time in the new UI but it's at the bottom of the model window.
  9. SeV

    Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released

    It's good to see new updates, however, I just want to mention one thing that has happened recently (not in this particular update). Flying kicks require the +use button to execute. I don't know why this was done and I think it's a case of fixing something that isn't broken. It just makes the...
  10. SeV

    MBII Frag video: Short'n'1337

    It's been awhile since my last one. Hope you enjoy.
  11. SeV

    Removal of Random Mechanics

    The changes to rockets, I'd like see reverted so that rockets are entirely predictable. The only counter is jedi/sith push or shooting the rockets with a proj rifle or something. I think it's pretty absurd to randomize the timing of rockets to make them better vs jedi/sith in such an arbitrary...
  12. SeV

    Unconfirmed Headshot hitbox inconsistencies

    That's fair enough. I just thought that it was the netcode deciding that he moved enough for the projectile to not hit his head. It often does weird stuff in duel with the hit-reg so I thought this issue must also exist in open.
  13. SeV

    MBII Duels patch big boi

    I wanted to document dueling in this patch before I go into hibernation to await changes. I don't wanna rant about things here. I'll just say that the quality is not up to the usual standard since I had to record a lot of footage and then re-encode it. I hope it's still watchable.
  14. SeV

    Unconfirmed Headshot hitbox inconsistencies

    I've never been a fan of those multipliers. It works better in games where the projectiles are instant and the netcode isn't ancient and screwy to boot. But who cares what I said to the devs like 5 years ago lol. I believe I have video evidence to document this here @1:18 in the video. Slow it...
  15. SeV

    what type of mb2 player are you?

    The guy that plays once every 3 months but still somehow pwns.
  16. SeV

    Suggestion: Speed is universal

    Back when heal was a thing in b17 aka 2007, the lightsaber blade dealt damage when it touched the body. Every bodyhit drained HP and there was even a blue bug that locked the lunge animation so you could stick the saber inside someone and constantly burn their HP. Since everything was reliant on...
  17. SeV

    Forgotten Masterpiece

    You know, I've been thinking about this for awhile now, but Maren is a woman's name in Denmark. It's also what we call our milk cows. Maren Malkeko. Are you sure an Oswald Mosley avatar using 'sith' should have a woman's name?
  18. SeV

    im back

  19. SeV

    The Cult Dueling Guide 1.9

    About a year ago, I wrote something up for Lightsaber Forms in MBII. As Karus said, it doesn't make much sense to tie forms to styles. They don't even have perks any more, so they're essentially just different animations/speed/AP/BP. To me, it makes more sense to tie the lightsaber forms to...
  20. SeV

    what's the deal with all the realistic face masks?

    Tbh seasonal hats should be off by default, since they're off-putting.