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    Feedback Thread: CTF Open Beta #4 - October 9th-10th 2021

    General CTF Gameplay - Let me be clear, if there was a ctf server populated right now, I would be playing it over Open, assuming there wasn't a competitive game I was invited to going. Not because I think the CTF is good in MBII but because the game mode as a whole aluminates some of the more...
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    FEEDBACK: Progressive Siege Open Beta Nov 24th

    mb2_scarif2 I enjoyed the map. I think the objective and the doors needs some clarification. I'm also not sure the second to last hack, the panel K2-SO dies at in Rogue One is necessary. Also, which doors are scenery, which are currently locked, which are currently unlocked, and which were...
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    v1.5 increased projectile speeds: discussion

    I do not enjoy the higher projectile speeds, didn't like it in beta, don't like it now. I don't feel it adds anything other then lowering the skill level for gunning at medium to long range and taking away from the MB2's signature combat style. That said, I realize my enjoyment isn't going to...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    Why do heroes get frags for 10 points and elite trooper need to spend 15 points on a frag? Because in the context of the class it makes sense. Comparing weapons or abilities without the wider context of the classes that use them, the maps they are used on, and the enemies they will face is...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    Nice perceptive, please note my own is different. I value skill at a far higher level across the board but as I've stated MB2 is a complex equation with many variables at play, assuming you have the insight to see which string needs to be pulled to make the game better is what I'm warning...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    Nice perspective, I can tell you right now mine is different. I can send you my theory crafting from BG if you want. You know what map often degenerates into Imperials split between T-21 commanders, sith, and sbds while the Rebels go for clones, jedi and wooks no matter how many players are on...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    Just let me say in-advance, sorry to pick on dekas so much but your such an easy target. :) I'm not sure how stating the opposite of my conclusion is supposed to refute my points. What you find unskilled to use will likely not match up with what I find unskilled, which will in turn not match up...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    Yeah, silly me hoping humans will think for themselves and put in the effort to understand the situation before jumping to conclusions and screaming their opinions online. I'm just really tired of hearing that this is overpowered or this unbalanced because it can easily kill the only build of...
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    The Unskilled Argument and the Intricacies of Balance

    I'm getting a little annoyed with players complaining about everything and anything that always seems to come down to "buff my class and nerf everything else" or "remove this because it's unskilled and I hate it." So I'm going to lay somethings out that some people apparently don't understand...
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    A true compromise is when everyone is unhappy, therefore I think the game is more balanced right now then it has ever been.
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    HS vs DN (5V5) - DOTF

    Yeah I get that too. Is 5v5 the norm for competitive? If I remember right is one of each class and unlimited solds/et/commanders right?
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    NPC's Suggestions and Feedback

    From base? Because the FA flechette is just a reskined shotgun as far as I know. Isn't that what the current shotgun is based off of anyway?
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    NPC's Suggestions and Feedback

    Well I thought it was time to put my suggestion back out there considering my old posts were lost in the great forum wipe. 1. Shotgun for Bounty Hunters: I was thinking BHs could upgrade their level three E11 into a shotgun for nine to fifteen points depending on how balanced it is. The same...