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  1. [SE] Maren

    Why Maren is the true Emperor of the Sith

    Some examples of warriors praising me, despite the harsh false allegations made against me across MB2 discords for many years, for those of you wanting to join the Shadow Empire we are planning "scrims" whatever that means, you are all invited to fight in my name, those of you who wish to be...
  2. [SE] Maren

    Forgotten Masterpiece

  3. [SE] Maren

    Reminder that movie battles 2 has lots more weapons not available to open

    This is only 1/4 of the weapons that they have available for use
  4. [SE] Maren

    Big brain update idea (for small brain developers)

    Idea log written in the form of a devblog which could actually excite players for once New: Added: Jump4 which removes BP drain from jumping, this would impact dueling significantly, and wouldn't punish players for innovating with their fighting styles New: Added: Dash for Sith/Jedi, maybe...
  5. [SE] Maren

    Petition to make Legends developer, fix open/duels

    With the new Legends gamemode, there seems to be a lot of actual fun (despite lacking things such as the magna guards) with this new gamemodes new features such as the gunrays electric shield/4 sabers/dookus fighting form/vibroblades more of the features and potential is revealed for the whole...
  6. [SE] Maren

    [GE] Imperial Recruitment

    The Sith Empire has been upgraded, the Empire will now be directly managed by Imperial Command, under the supervision of our Emperor! Stand to attention for the new.. Galactic Empire! Those who oppose the new Galactic Empire we can only promise you complete Annihilation! Anyways, for those...
  7. [SE] Maren

    Maren's Update Ideas (Epic Ideas)

    Hey memers from my previous post i'm back! now i'd like to just say that i've been playing mb2 for a good while recently and i've inspected the mechanics and weapons and such and also seen many opinions on the weapons, and unfortunately i'd say many people remain divided on the question of...
  8. [SE] Maren

    Rebirth of a old clan [SE]

    The Sith Empire has been asleep for a while (most waiting for MB2 to update.) The Sith Empire has now returned! Now i don't believe we have introduced ourselves here before but we used to be a dueling clan on Jedi Academy and have been around for a while, now let us first get some things out...
  9. [SE] Maren

    Maren's Open Suggestion

    Open Mode Open Mode is certainly a decent mode already, with plenty of variation including some fun things such as jetpacks and explosives... But how could it better? - Droideka buff: If players invest more points in shields they should be twice as strong making them far deadlier and perhaps...