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    NoobGuided Pack 1.0

    Yeah it was an oversight by me since I do all my testing in local, I'd have to see if its a cvar thing, but I can at the very least see if its something as simple as adding the updated sab files to the EXE servers or whoever wants them.
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    Moviebattles II V1.9.1 Released

    I was gonna post a MEGA I had saved with old MB2 builds but looks like it got purged. If you can find the old models nothing is stopping you from re-adding them in. PK3 Compendium
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    A Thread

    drunk again?
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    UNOFFICAL MB2 Account system - POLL!

    anything that forces players to exit the game to make work is going to be too annoying to join the server in the first place. It also is not very new player friendly since it will seem like they get kicked from certain servers for no reason. There is also the possibility that some people do not...
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    UNOFFICAL MB2 Account system - POLL!

    yeah any unofficial content is gonna result with dead servers, effort is appreciated though. Launcher based login system would be way better
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    noob adventures

    epic video, ull get chills.....
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    Star Wars Movie Battles II | Outplayed Compilation

    haters will say its fake
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    is this game is gone?

    as na ambassador we agree to those terms, please specify time and place for intercourse.
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    NoobGuided Pack 1.0

    DOWNLOAD NOOBGUIDED PACK VERSION 1.0 @The Unguided and I are very proud to announce that we are now working together and merging Noob Pack and H.B. Pack into one glorious addon pack for MB2! Everything you see here will be the next step forward for both packs. Everything is compatible with the...
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    Are there any servers in which a new player can learn the ropes without getting too brutally punished?

    Casual Corner is notorious for kicking you if you are somewhat decent. try there
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    SERVER -{EXE}- RTV/RTM Server | Discord | Community Maps

    EXE Discord Now that I am back, EXE servers are now back and fully supported. We will take any feedback you wish to give to consideration to create a better environment to the players. All our servers are hosted with Asutech.IO and should be well equipped to handle DDOS. If you require an...
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    {Gunslinger} - New Ability Idea for Hero and BH

    im all for more skill gaps and dynamics
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    Can we please get a pilot Luke model for jedi/hero