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  1. agentoo8

    PUG 1 EU! Friday 25th 7pm UTC - CANCELED

    I'm game on Fri or Sat
  2. agentoo8

    Formal Apology

    I hope Russia does invade Europe - signed, not a European
  3. agentoo8

    Formal Apology

    NA drama is fucking cringe ngl
  4. agentoo8

    OpenSaberSounds v1

    daddy sheev
  5. agentoo8

    Spice Pack v2.5 Update

    wpowwww!! female skinss
  6. agentoo8

    Whos in charge of Gamemode Development i demand to know $$$

    this is just ever-so-slightly gay
  7. agentoo8

    Revert Saber changes back to build 1.4.9

    perks refined with each style having a solidified niche or B17 XDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. agentoo8

    MBII Frag video: Short'n'1337

    2.21 - 2.55 = quintessential minigun action
  9. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Need to stop balancing around competent players and, instead, balance around Timid Timothys who are only afforded 1 hour every 2 years to play by their wives' boyfriends.
  10. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Well these days our tiktok generation are very sensitive, so no surprise
  11. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Was wondering when someone would bust out the Britney Spears 'tOxIc TrYhArDs'. Nothing wrong with balancing around competent play, lol - fun and good play don't have to be separate from one another.
  12. agentoo8

    Make blocking mid-swing cancel the combo

    It just means you need to be more tactful with your disarm attempts, e.g. let the enemy think they have the upperhand, throwing caution to the wind with combo SBs, and then attempt disarm. Even the best SBers can get disarmed.
  13. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Jedi/Sith is a staple in every team simply because of how the game works/the mechanics at play. Other classes may be more situational, and have their own niche, but to play without a Jedi/Sith is just cucking your team simply because of everything that you mentioned. Jedi is a counter to...
  14. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    See previous point re my citing of heal before you go thinking I meant heal as a direct counter to a rocket. I'm sorry; I just find it hard to buy-in to this idea of heroes being perpetually oppressed by horrible patriarchal Mandalorians.
  15. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Hero has an abundance of defensive tools to help alleviate pressure. No, I did not cite heal as a means of dealing with a rocket, per se, but it's a tool nonetheless that can help you survive an after attack/if you haven't died to the rocket. I'm actually starting to think that this change was...
  16. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Well it must be vs randoms if you're saying that you 'don't need a team' as a mando. Try being a solo hero versus any of the competent EU clans in a scrim and see how long you last. You're looking at the TD example with too fine a brush, methinks: point behind it is that you can throw it out of...
  17. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Didn't ignore your points; I've attempted to respond to every point you've made thus far, mate. Exactly! If you die to a TD in that fashion, you deserve to die. Similarly, if you keep dying to rockets by getting easily baited, poor positioning/situational awareness, and not knowing that it's a...
  18. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Didn't ignore the points, my dude! A BH can throw a TD into main corr to coincide at the point solds/ets will reach the corner, i.e before they've even heard the sound. Try it! See how many kills it nets you! "Equally time to react" do you play this game other than duel mode? What? No need for...
  19. agentoo8

    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Yes I'm very new to the game it's my first day tomorrow. Doesn't negate from the fact that other routes exist for you to go down, some of which are going to be harder to pull of a suicidal rocket win than others. You're absolutely right that a Mando should have a team, too, and that a Sith is...