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    Westar pistol charge shot lost after using flame thrower

    Summary of the bug: So this bug has been around for a year at least, decided to post it. When charging a shot with westars if you use flame thrower, after that you lose the charge, whereas you used to be able to fire the charge shot right after you stopped using flame thrower. Steps to...
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    Technical Issue Another mac install problem

    Hey, long story short, I was forced to change to the steam version of JKA, and I can't get MBII to work with it. (yea I still used the original game patched up with 1.0.1e) I studied the following thread thouroughly: [SOLVED] - Getting the Mod on Mac | Movie Battles II Community Also read some...
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    Which keys are you using for class specials?

    So not too long ago a newb asked me which keys should he use for class specials, and I said it's up to him, whatever he feels comfortable with. Aaaand I got the idea for this thread. Maybe there should be tips for new players for key configuration somewhere in the game or here on the forums...