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  1. agentoo8

    Agent008 lf scrims [either 6v6 or dueling scrims]

    If anyone is interested in holding some regular scrims, let me know. Can either be GvG [I am in Symbiosis, so we would be happy to use our server to organise], or dueling tournaments. If interested, either reply here, or add on Discord: Jono#5241
  2. agentoo8

    Unban request (for my friend)

    hey, my friend (Omelette Prince the 3rd) would like to apologise for his egg-stremely upsetting antics on the BG server. He realises now that his behaviour was not a yoke, he will not do it again, and eggsplained to me that he would like to make amends by offering ALL of the BG admins a fried...
  3. agentoo8

    Lolboomer streaming some Dueling

    Hey, Thought I'd come back to the game and test out my new rig. Going to stream occasional dueling stuff to see how bad I am now. You are welcome to join. PS. The stream is Orthodox Christian and will not tolerate any bad words or Sith references. Ragent008's Stream
  4. agentoo8

    Does MB2 have a Twitch 'plug' yet?

    Curious about whether or not MB2 has an ability to broadcast itself on Twitch, i.e. in games, you put 'Movie Battles II', or is everyone doing JKA still? Cheers
  5. agentoo8

    streaming trash play
  6. agentoo8

    tr server

    where is their forums/website?
  7. agentoo8

    your boy ragentoo8 back and streaming

    streaming high quality esl gameplay on my toaster hope all are well
  8. agentoo8

    #E Clan Looking for Match

    #E clan started playing MB2 again, mostly English friends/family. Looking for fights, if interested PM me/Sheogorath/goddy or sebby, or message here. Cheers, and merry xmas you fudgers
  9. agentoo8

    So...the saber system...

    Why is it so dogshit now? it's like only yellow is viable, red nudge is removed and the ability to chain in any direction, etc. Seems most people i speak to agree. What is this incessant need to radically reimagine the saber system every x couple of months? Can we not just revert it to a point...
  10. agentoo8

    Thinking of coming back - just one question... it true that the game has deteriorated into a SJW/leftist bubble, censoring all forms of comedy and banter/edgy humour? I've heard people have been banned for posting stupid photos, that certain people have left the team due to this 'Iron Fist' mentality. I refer chiefly to Puppytine's...
  11. agentoo8

    STREAMING - Twitch Live MB2 - FA
  12. agentoo8

    itsjustjono - twitch

    will be streaming MB2, WoW arenas/bgs, and Warhammer Online 6v6/BGs. status: Online MOVIE BATTLES 2
  13. agentoo8

    Thoughts on Red style

    Recently I decided to get back into the dueling scene, but it seems that Red is pretty weak when compared against other styles; the main reason being the lack of a guaranteed stagger. May I ask why the stagger was changed? It is an imperative tool for the red stance and goes hand-in-hand with...
  14. agentoo8

    HS vs DN (5V5) - DOTF

    apologies for semi-bad video quality as i did not have enough disk space to use fraps will upload lunarbase later
  15. agentoo8

    [EVENT] Lasertagasaurus-Rex! 07/07/2016 - 19:00 GMT

    What: um_lasertag event Rules: You must use first person mode, have your brightness set low, and use dynamic glow Server: Lasertag fun! Time: 20:00 GMT We will make teams of 5/6, and the first team to win 10 rounds is the winner. The more, the merrier.
  16. agentoo8

    [Video] Showing UM_Lasertag! Get involved!

    Nothing special, but easily one of the most fun maps I've played. With Viserys's help, hoping to have an event one night and get some competitive epeeners involved as the map has potential for some cool and intense gameplay imo.
  17. agentoo8

    Catlady's conduct and maltreatment

    Agent008 Forgot, whichever one catlady is an admin on (it was FA so prob bg) around 4pm Description: I feel Catlady's behavior yesterday on the server, i.e. his disregard to the rules and whether or not I would follow this up (all of which can be seen in the screenies), necessitates a talking...
  18. agentoo8

    Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade - lets play vids

    recently bought early access, and decided to do a video for my first day. uber noob, but cool fps nonetheless with a lot of potential!
  19. agentoo8

    MBII EU Duel Server- Real and fake

    Real: Fake: the other one thanks.
  20. agentoo8

    2v2 Dueling Tournament - SATURDAY 23rd 18:00 GMT

    MBII EU Duel Server 18:00 GMT Map: Malachor, Ravager and Utapau are available Password: h3rh3r Please sign-up here/PM with your partner, e.g. Padawan and Pudud. REGISTERED TEAMS: Nbah and Foggy Agent008 and Sheogorath Alice and Razer Dymbesh and Night Shilling and Suxu Quinto and Rain Perion...