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  1. II Lock-Down II

    Unofficial map list

    Blz there must be a bunch unofficial maps that aren't listed, where can I find them at ? Um_crazytrain isn't listed yet I can load it, calodan isn't listed but it loads up, there must be more.
  2. II Lock-Down II

    Not a bug Mb2 cmp snowfacility not working

    Mb2 cmp snowfacility not working at all can't load it up
  3. II Lock-Down II

    Technical Issue Devs: FIXX THIS MAP!!

    Please fix mb2_Duel_calodan most badass duel map and wonder why it's de listed I found it in my files (it's the map we're ashoka fights that one whore) some people said the map is fine but me and others see a bright white fog on the map so ots unplayable, plz fix
  4. II Lock-Down II

    Coder discussion Custom FA

    Am making Custom FA a thing and people love it, is there a way that I can auto setup my maplists to have Custom FA classes and yeah im not spelling it out right but here it is Vstr do "map mb2_kamino" vstr d2 Is there a way to add in the Custom FA classes into the map rotation without me...
  5. II Lock-Down II

    Killing the so called GOD

    Silly Kael thought he was better than me but I showed my true skill and power that is most feared by AOD and LS and not even kael can beat me in a real fight. Git gud.
  6. II Lock-Down II

    Exposing a secret Pack Dueling Tryhards use

    So I was given this pack by a anonymous person that told me alot of Bum Tryhards use in dueling. It basically has white lines all around your player that will turn red as soon as a saberist throws their swing, each line will light up the direction it comes from, for easier PB blocks and overall...
  7. II Lock-Down II

    What to use for Forging MBII Maps

    Current map I'm making on reach, what do you use to create maps for MBII. I am an editing GOD
  8. II Lock-Down II

    Unconfirmed Backstreets custom FA

    Not sure what is crashing the server but me and friends playing Custom FA on backstreets Pb2 classes somehow crash server same with US heros and villans but lord of the rings and 300 Germans Americans work fine
  9. II Lock-Down II

    CTF/PTF Mode = Ye or Gey

    IMO I don't care for the OBJ I just like the fact we can respawn, as many have said as well. So you might as well give us a Team Deathmatch Option. Things that CTF/PTF Needs. Lower respawn time = more intense battles Red X or Red Stop Icon In the Scoreboard to see who's dead ( the Lightly...
  10. II Lock-Down II

    *New* Modded Server

    This photo says it all.
  11. II Lock-Down II

    Activating cheats on own server

    How do I activate cheats on my own server online. Anything in The server cfg I need to do? I know the /giveall command
  12. II Lock-Down II

    Technical Issue Game keeps freezing now

    Idk what the hell yall did but my entire client was set to default I had to redo all my binds and everything. Now my game would freeze just opening up the score board or changing classes during new round countdowns. It takes like 7 seconds to spawn into a new round losing me those precious...
  13. II Lock-Down II

    Proof i am a God Of MBII

    Yes I was the one who found it. Leo's Saw me EZZZ. I will tell you how, but u must give Rebels Exxar kun jedi Skin, or Imperials Magna Guard Skin for Sith !!!!!!! Yes I can snipe from here and get on otherside of map for ez obj LOL
  14. II Lock-Down II

    The new update is a JOKE LOL!

    More unnecessary nerfs to the game to hinder good players with unique styles into a already dying game. Who is the one making these crazy changes? The game was fine 8 patches ago when everything you did was fun no matter what. That's what kept this train rolling and now whoever is the clown...
  15. II Lock-Down II

    Whos in charge of Gamemode Development i demand to know $$$

    Whoever Is the Dev for Full authentic map Classes I am in interest of paying you to make a customized classes to be added in the game now that Legends mode is better than ever being able to play any classes from specific maps on other maps now. Basically I want a 100 lives classes. Right now I...
  16. II Lock-Down II

    Antivirus false positive

  17. II Lock-Down II

    The Ultimate AOD Clowning.

    More reasons why I am the Best at the Game. LS And AOD Scrubs are too jealous of me that one God Can Dominate them all they have to silence me in Bans ;) Do you're part, don't join their Servers they want full control of MBII NA just so I can't play. Little do they know I am always feet away ;)...
  18. II Lock-Down II

    TR server Will Die If i am not granted Admin Status.

    Marlon, Faux, Your Asses are retired. TSC goal is to timewaste and kill MBII. Tractor Scott Pays for Everyone's VPN Via McDonald's paychecks. Either upgrade to a VPN Protected server or Grant me of all people admin status. I play this game alot, I am on TR alot, I can Kick out all the...
  19. II Lock-Down II

    Who is this Moron, probably from LS or AOD Lmao

    HAHAHAA further solidifies my skill over these nerds a loser posted my IP Zip and Location attempting to threaten me. Little does this nerd know if he tries somthing he's in for a big surprise. I know you'll see this, go ahead I dare you I will enjoy every second seeing your Mt dew door opened...
  20. II Lock-Down II

    Putting Down Legends on my Kill list.

    Amas Peasants, when I get the call I come for your Name, There is not a single Worm in North America I Cannot Beat. You are all Weak Minded Cavemen. First Apex, Then Noob, All of AOD, and LS. I've beaten them all. Who else trys standing in my way, I will gladly Strike you Down and Make you Learn...