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    How to edit font / text size

    you're a champion dude thanks for this. do you know if there's any way to revert the new team overlay to the old classic team overlay? cheers also is there any way to revert the font/text from the tab menu and the timer? thanks
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    i think the disruptor ammo drain starts quite quickly the mando rocket seems pretty bad now and easy to stagger? will test more some of the models are pretty good and some are meme bob billy nade jump nerfed, not sure why please hotfix add a way/option to revert the UI or at least specific...
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    looks great will test, interesting disruptor/nade changes
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    some servers have an anti-VPN auto kick right? can't that be implemented on all servers as well as some sort of 'master ID' for people's MB2 clients themselves?
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    Suggestion about wookies immunity to the Force.

    playing mage is unique and fun, but when a wookiee shows up the fun's over, literally nothing I can do against it, and the counter argument of 'rock paper scissors' isn't good because imo there should be no HARD counters, there should always be at least some opportunity for outplay imo. I wish...
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    Suggestion about wookies immunity to the Force.

    if I invest all of my points into a force build, I want my force powers to be at least somewhat effective vs enemies instead of seeing a wookiee and knowing I can't do shit maybe grip working is a bit much but repulse should definitely be effective imo since it's relatively easy to counter
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    maren's got the dumbest fucking ideas but wookiee is incredibly boring and annoying to play against tbf. why not make the class revolve around the bowcaster more, with interesting options for bounce shots or multi-shot like the JK2 crossbow, or vibroblades like wookiee berserkers? I love the FP...
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    there's been a lot of no-error crashes to desktop happening over the past few hours, on multiple servers and multiple maps, to basically the entire server almost every round. not sure what's going on but almost unplayable atm
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    thank fuck
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    Team killing system needs revamp, has needed one for decades.

    Just double/triple tk points in first 10 or so seconds of the round, let admins/players deal with other tk's, done
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    New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

    Looks nice and sounds great, would be up for testing it
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    Official MBII Moments Series

    holy shit the mb2 bleach opening, hahahah amazing vid
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    Yet another Dueling Guide

    amazing guide ty
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    I have returned

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    rage wookiee

    Long story short, wookiee rage is oppressive too often, unfun to play against as certain classes, takes very little skill to have a strong impact Would love to see a jedi outcast-style bowcaster with multishot or bounceshot and turn wookiee into a specialist gunner kinda class instead of a...
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    SERVER Competitive Corner

    Sounds great looking forward to trying it out
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.0.2 Released

    After looking at the comparison video I think the reason it feels 'slower' is because v1.6 had all the class options on the right side of the screen (until the detailed point selection screen), so less mouse movement and 'quicker' selection. v1.7 makes you go a bit 'back and forth' as you click...