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  1. cannonfodder

    Fixed Deka Shield Draining bug

    if you're running proj 1 or 2 in your build and you're holding down the shield button when you release A S or D, it causes your shields to instantly drain to 0 (you have to have your shield turned on when you started moving).
  2. cannonfodder

    Confirmed Speedlunge/Jumpkick Stunlock

    If you shoot a jedi continuously in the back during the sliding portion of their speedlunge, the animation will never end, causing the jedi to be stunlocked until they die, or the gunner stops shooting. Same happens to a Melee jumpkick during the last frames of the animation, its also at the end...
  3. cannonfodder

    Unconfirmed /ignore not working

    on several different occasions, when someones spamming chat and I try to /ignore them, it doesn't do a thing to their messages, letting them continue to spam away on my screen.
  4. cannonfodder

    Grip Mod for Sith

    Ever had to face down those pesky aliases that ruin all your fun as a gunner. And you swap to Sith only to still lose to the same alias? It's time to pull out Grip. With this mod, now while you grip your enemies, you can show them exactly how you feel about them. Download Link...
  5. cannonfodder

    HUD changes?

    So I really like the normal hud, its easy to understand and just looks good, however when it comes to dueling, the way it shows you ACM is kinda hard to understand with the varying levels of glow. the simplehud is great for this because it tells you exactly how much ACM you have by a meter that...
  6. cannonfodder

    [SOLVED] Game keeps crashing

    So my games been crashing while it loads a server for the last few weeks, giving me the message 176644 files in pk3 files Loading dll file ui. Failed to load dll, looking for qvm. Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm. Failed. Shutting down OpenGL subsystem VM_Create on UI failed the Only way i've gotten...
  7. cannonfodder

    Technical Issue Problem with Arc

    So MB2 randomly deleted all my presets for the ARC class, and wont let me save any new ones for it either, anyone know a fix?
  8. cannonfodder

    Bring back 1.3?

    So lots of people have been leaving mb2 and raging about the new updates, and everyone i've asked have agreed that one of their most enjoyed updates that people liked, was 1.3, and i agree, 1.3 was great in terms of dueling and stuff, but lacking in many other aspects I think we should bring...