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  1. Kodar

    As designed Dual Pistols crosshair is incorrect

    Dual pistol crosshair bug from previous patches is still present. Example with convergence: Example with parallel: Quick note that I have tried this on both JAMP and OpenJK with the same results.
  2. Kodar

    Unconfirmed Headshot hitbox inconsistencies

    Myself and others have been noticing major inconsistencies with the headshot hitboxes. I've had more than a handful of situations where I literally could not have shot anything except head, such as only the head sticking above a box or similar, and I hit that, but torso damage is applied. I've...
  3. Kodar

    Technical Issue Crash on joining a server

    Hello, I recently returned to JAMP after a long break (10 years or so), and I'm trying to rejoin the MB scene. However, when I go to join a server a crash occurs. I can create my own server with just myself in it, but that obviously is not the goal. Here's the crash log I've been receiving...