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  1. Subaru

    Do you like new DOTF?

    That was still doable in old dotf, by going through the window (or sending a sneaky clone squad).
  2. Subaru

    Fun Match: dG[8] vs ad.ppl

    Record this please
  3. Subaru

    Adjustments to General Gameplay

    Overall, I like. Why not let proj move while charging and change the timer to X seconds since scope\last shot? This would bring it in line with Overwatch and TF2's sniper rifles.
  4. Subaru

    J| DOOM ACM Counter™

    This is amazing.
  5. Subaru

    Technical Issue 4K Custom Resolution does not scale to my screen

    Have you tried using OpenJK? If it's broken with jamp, you are SOL. If it's broken in OpenJK, you can file a bug and eventually someone might fix it.
  6. Subaru

    TK'ing needs to be fixed.

    > It already happens, and the only people who do it are trolls, or mad players. Yeah, but at least it removes the troll from the round too. The only issue I have with the TK system right now is that it punishes Jedi a little too harshly for screwing up a push. I've not had huge issues with...
  7. Subaru

    TK'ing needs to be fixed.

    This will just result in people trolling by running into teammates fire more often.
  8. Subaru

    SERVER Meme Battles 2 Server!

    And risk being accused of censorship? :) :) :) (in all seriousness, please use report button) Edit: but yes, please stay on topic. BG talk and personal attacks aren't needed here.
  9. Subaru

    SERVER Meme Battles 2 Server!

    Good luck.
  10. Subaru

    You guys kicked everyone out of the game, didn't you?

    I can't tell if this is a troll but Support is where you want to post.
  11. Subaru

    Looking for moderators!

    I broke my forum permissions by accident. I was trying to setup the forums I could view and somehow made it so that I didn't have permission to modify myself.
  12. Subaru

    Introducing to YourMother

    Welcome to the forums
  13. Subaru

    Looking for moderators!

    Goliath, your warning was so minor it would not have been a consideration. Your incessant complaining afterwards at getting a zero point warning in the offtopic section on the other hand....:rolleyes:
  14. Subaru

    >> How to completely eliminate trolling <<

    Who knows if it would be fun?
  15. Subaru

    >> How to completely eliminate trolling <<

    Maybe as an event it might be interesting to try.
  16. Subaru

    Thinking of coming back - just one question...

    Let's not. (Under what topic would you even post that and have it be on topic?)
  17. Subaru

    Puppytine's farewell: Episode II

    Please don't start threads purely to start unrest. Please don't pick fights with other members of the forum (Cat Lady). Please don't reopen locked threads (your previous thread was locked, it's not acceptable to make a new thread purely to quote the old one). Please don't post threads in the...
  18. Subaru

    Taking a break

    Game feedback is never banned, as long as it doesn't get flamey.
  19. Subaru

    The Wrist Laser is Rather Silly

    A combination of 1 with the drawback of 4 could be neat.