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  1. Anbu

    Old Casual - Saber Duels - Rant

    you underestimate our degeneracy
  2. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    slap? move out the way? predict it and do a full combo cycle?
  3. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    I do it all the time lol, Pbing isint the only answer either. Idk why you seem so tunnel-vision on this idea that it is.
  4. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    You're missing my point. the speed doesnt matter if you predict someone is going to do it. Read my full message lol.
  5. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    It isint impossible. And this game isint even reaction based, 90% of top tier skill is reading and predicting.
  6. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    I agree. Old habits coming back to haunt you hessu, what karus done was a reaction to you doing 1-3 rhythm so often that he could predict when it happens. Like most top tiers would after a few duels, it isint luck or bullshit, it’s reading.
  7. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    Counters have to be faster other wise there are no counters besides slap on timing to half swings. Not realistically anyway.
  8. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    Expect the counter and combo. If you just do 1-3 rhythm ofc he will stop you from parrying. Counters > half swing in speed. If you done a full combo it is impossible to not parry it. If you combo 4 swings every time, even if he countered into ur 2-3-4, it would only parry.
  9. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    Counters are not instant and easily dealt with if you know how. Slaps, baits, and movement with mind games all can deal with counters. However I agree counters are broken, they aren’t instant. Just inconsistent. Especially people who flick yaw fast , it’s ridiculously easy to simply out smart...
  10. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    A lot of the issues come with the communities willingness to abuse the saber system. Sure there are tons of internally bullshit things relating to say other styles/colours or whatever. But a perfectly balanced game is impossible to produce and MB2 especially has experienced it’s fair share of...
  11. Anbu

    Fix Yaws

    noobs lol also i use 1.5k dpi with like 1.6 sens
  12. Anbu

    Semi Serious Suggestion: But what if we made Gloat/Flourish do Damage?

    This is hilarious coming from a guy called... Duckshark...
  13. Anbu

    Semi Serious Suggestion: But what if we made Gloat/Flourish do Damage?

    Petition to keep memes to FA and Duel mode.
  14. Anbu

    (MUST SEE) Argorn cheat proof.

    Atleast you can say that instead of instantly crying hacks lol
  15. Anbu

    Why is there no option for purple text yet???????

    as a question tho why cant we use ^9 or ^8 in names?
  16. Anbu

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    TL;DR Pew pew good - Glowstick got kekd And dodge shalt not haunt my nightmares
  17. Anbu

    on break

    ill 100bp you.
  18. Anbu

    Yet another Dueling Guide

  19. Anbu

    Top 5 All Time Favorite Force Whores (NA&EU)

    Only Forcewhore that i know truthfully 1. dV[8] Hexodious Insane with FW, pls nerf him @Hexodious