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  1. Dorito

    Wtf is this devs! Fix ur servers!

  2. Dorito

    [MB2VET] Noob Training Community In an effort to help with player retention, I'm forming a new community where veteran players can volunteer to help train newer players. As someone who went through a training team in my noob days, I can say that hands-on training with MB2 mechanics and being given...
  3. Dorito

    From humble beginnings...

    Found an archived page of the first open beta version of MB2, known simply as "Movie Battles" at the time, circa 2003. 'Movie Battles' has gone open Beta | LucasForums LMS / classes gametype | LucasForums You can still download the original files in the first link, it seems. MB2 website from...
  4. Dorito

    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    I just took this screenshot after launching MB2 about 5 mins ago, after that I closed the game. Just a month ago, I could get on at any given time, on any day and there would be AT LEAST 2 full NA servers. Yes, even at 4AM in the morning on a Sunday there would be 2 populated NA servers. At...
  5. Dorito

    Is it possible to create movies out of many different demos?

    And if so, how would I turn those demo files into a more widespread format like mp4? I would start streaming, but my internet sucks. Also, I'm not sure how my PC would run OBS and MB2 at the same time since MB2 already gets laggy as it is.
  6. Dorito

    In light of all this SWBF2 controversy, I'm trying to let Reddit know that there IS alternatives.

    For all you BF2 boycotters: This is Star Wars Movie Battles II, a free, active mod for Star Wars Jedi Academy. Unlike recent Star Wars games, it takes a very innovative and unique approach to gun gameplay and saber combat, despite the limitations of the Q3 Engine. • r/gaming Good video, whoever...
  7. Dorito

    [SOLVED] Can't use JAMP client if JA is not installed in the root Steam folder?

    I hate the MBII client for various reasons, but I'm forced to use it because of this. When running with JAMP client, it says Jedi Academy must be installed in the Steam folder. I have MB2 set to launch out of my SSD instead of my primary hard drive, so it's being run from another SteamApps...
  8. Dorito

    Technical Issue My game has random network lag spikes

    I don't believe it's actually my internet, it happens on 3 different internets and started happening a little while ago. It seems like a packet (or a few) get dropped and it results in my game lagging for like 2 seconds, then resuming. It's very annoying because it automatically discharges...
  9. Dorito

    Whatever happened to Power Battles?

    Does it need to be ported, per se? This was a fun FA mode from what I remember, I'd be willing to bring it back and add to it if someone can show me the way. It was created entirely by Hawk I believe? but I haven't seen that guy in years lol. I'm sure someone on here knows the way or has answers
  10. Dorito

    CLAN =[GIN]=The Return

    Hello, fellow MB2 players! I bring you... the return of the Galactic Imperial Navy. We want to bring a new, friendly server environment to the North American table. Our goal is to create a stress-free environment where you may socialize without stipulations and have an...