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  1. JamJarBinks

    Bring back Cortosis 2

    In Legends. Thanks @FrenzY!
  2. JamJarBinks

    MB2 using a controller?

    Is it possible to learn this power? My cousin wants to play MB2 but she doesn't believe in the PC master race and won't bother without a controller. Thanks!
  3. JamJarBinks


    Add assists to the kills/death ratio. I want to reward my teammates who play support roles. Thanks!
  4. JamJarBinks

    Technical Issue Force Speed Bug

    Hey team, Is there any way to get an interim patch fixing the force speed bug? If it looks to be too timely, I was one of 2 developers of LegacyMod and wouldn't mind taking a look. This bug keeps getting me killed in open and I'm kinda over it lol. Thanks!
  5. JamJarBinks

    Meesa proposen maxi-big fun

    We know devs are busy trying to bring balance to the mod, but in the inter-rim, can we get some fun trinkets? Vibroblades - So swords are fun. Maybe BH or Commando can get vibroblades. Would be totally fun. Alien Classes - Only one group has ever really beaten the Empire. Ewok. We need: • Ewok...
  6. JamJarBinks


    Hi. For the next patch, is it possible to allow players to swingblock the entire swing? I'd like to hold block, and then tap LMB to initiate a swing, as opposed to tapping LMB then rushing to hit RMB before I am shot by high firepower SBD/Deka or mblocked. With flinch/knockback in play, the...
  7. JamJarBinks

    New Game Mode Suggestion

    Hiya. Is it possible to give hosts the ability to allow/disallow classes? I sense a lot of players would be interested in either a GUNNERS ONLY version of open, or a FORCE USER ONLY version of open. (Not to be confused with Duel where you don't have 1 life and there are no objectives or actual...