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  1. KarusBadders

    As designed UI Options 2 - Team Indicators not changing/working on Duel Mode

    The new UI options do not work in duel mode. (Faction Icon, Triangle Icon, Faction Icon on body, Player Name, Player Name no color, Faction Icon & Name, Faction Icon & Name no color - basically, all of the options). Doesn't work on any duel mode server, doesn't work in spectator nor in-game.
  2. KarusBadders

    EU Open & Duel Admin Application (Karus)

    In-Game nickname: EE|Karus|EMPR, TIN|MSTR Karus. MBII Experience: 5 years Age: 20 Description: London based tryhard duelist, occasional Open player. Newbie helper & trainer. Reason: Rarely an admin available when the duel server is populated, leading to a lot of whitenames laming and causing...
  3. KarusBadders

    [SOLVED] Older MBII versions that require Launcher - Any way to play?

    Me and Hessu want to mess around on some of the older MBII duel builds, but we can't play 1.4.9 atm because it needs to be started via Launcher (afaik, this is impossible to do, since the Launcher forces you to update, or you can't play). Is there any way to get past this? Or are we just going...
  4. KarusBadders

    Technical Issue Launcher executing Single Player (JASP.exe) instead of Multiplayer (JAMP.exe)

    Hi guys, I have a problem which I remember fixing a while back, but I cannot for the life of me remember how to do it. Closing the Launcher and exiting Steam completely solves this issue but only temporarily, on the first startup it launches JAMP as it should and everything works fine. But when...
  5. KarusBadders


    Hello guys I make dis post again because it removed very suspish o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:eek::eek::eek::eek: IS PELMENU LAUK CHEATER PERSON??? IS BLOCK PERFECT BOT REAL??? WAT HAPPEN IF YOU TYPE QUI GON IN CONSOLE???? So many questions, my friends. But relax! They will all be answered in due time. I...
  6. KarusBadders

    Technical Issue Weird as hell FPS drops / temporary game freezes

    Hi, I've been having this issue for a really long time but I have just learned to live with it. But after asking around a little bit, and finding out literally nobody else has this issue, I would love some help on this situation. The issue occurs at multiple times during the game: - When a new...
  7. KarusBadders

    Hosting Server [SOLVED] Problems hosting a server.

    Hi, I've been wanting to create my own server for a long time and I've only just got round to trying it. Anyhow, I've done pretty much everything except portforward at the moment, and I've ran into an issue with the server.bat. It just continues saying "DEBUG" downwards. I'm assuming I've done...