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  1. TeKilla

    Unconfirmed g_balance is broken

    If you set any value except -1 (off), like 1 or 2, players wont be able to join the round.
  2. TeKilla

    [VIDEO] Zona Franga Mar/2018 (1440p60 HD)

    It's not an epic frag movie... it's just a simple montage of me playing on BR Zona Franga (mb2 brazilian public server).
  3. TeKilla

    Technical Issue Text issues at ultra-wide resolutions

    Hello, i am having a little issue when i play mb2 at ultra wide resolution (21:9). No matter what font i use, in the map loading screen, the text is always kinda messed up and overlaps a litte bit with the next line. 16:10 (no issues) 21:9 And some characters from the score font look too...
  4. TeKilla

    Hosting Server Server not showing in serverlist

    Since last update (yesterday) my server (zona franga) disappeared from server list. I can connect via console "connect" but it isn't visible in the serverlist. IP: port: 29070 I wasn't able to use mb2ded.i386 from Linux OpenJK server lib...
  5. TeKilla

    Saber Deflect VS. Blobs/Poison Darts???

    How about making Saber Deflection somehow effective againts Clone's Blobs and Bh's Poison Darts? Too op for sith/jedi? I think it would be a great feature againts a spam of clones or bh...
  6. TeKilla

    Rey of Jakku Model (new)

    Hi evryone, this new Rey Model from Scerendo is awesome! It will be really nice if we have it in the next patch.
  7. TeKilla

    Bugged crosshair when dynamic crossairhair is turned off

    This bug did not occur in previous versions. Ps. I'm using mb2client (openjk) and Windows 10 64bits.
  8. TeKilla

    Hosting Server Requesting for openjk servers (v1.3.2)

    Please, provide a compiled (v1.3.2) for openjk servers!