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  1. Tompa9

    Tompa Faker

    Hello guys! I would like to publicly make things clear. This week I heard numerous times from different MB members that someone is pretending to be ME and is spamming links of Movie Duels on servers in very annoying way. Ive heard something about claims like "guys rate 10/10 so we can beat MB2"...
  2. Tompa9

    Battlefront II (2017) Sound Replacements

    This is Star Wars: Battlefront II - Darth Maul soundpack by Tompa9! It adds own and separate voice lines for prequel's Darth Maul. You don't have to worry - The Clone Wars Maul sounds are left untouched so each character has own unique sounds. A voiceactor for this version was Sam Witwer that...
  3. Tompa9

    Launcher Mini/maxi hotkey option isn´t working

    Simple as that, after new launcher update my hotkey for mini/maximization stopped working. I´m using JAMP so I cant minimize it with alt+tab. Please fix it soon :)
  4. Tompa9

    Luke Skywalker addon for Penekepack

    Hello guys, I´ve created small "submod" for Peneke pack and people who like my new version of that cult Star Wars hero. Because of what happened to him in The Last Jedi you can take this as small tribute to actor Mark Hamill :). Put this to MB2 folder. External credits: Toshi - head model Seven...
  5. Tompa9

    Tompa´s Workshop and WIP

    Hello MB2 community! As member of Peneke family my work on Tompa´s Replacement pack is finished for now. But I´m still active and I´m learning about reskinning and kitbashing models. I have created this thread to show you some of my work and post there small MB2 replacements which could improve...
  6. Tompa9

    Technical Issue Saber sound on/off question

    Hello, I want to ask you, how it is with these custom lightsaber on/off sounds. 1. When I choose Desann hilt, his primary saberon/off sound is file enemysaber on/off. It is played everytime, even when I open saber quick (left/right mouse button) 2. When I choose Dooku hilt, his primary...
  7. Tompa9

    Clonetrooper model

    Hello, Ashura just released this awesome new Phase 2 model of clonetrooper. I think it would be nice to have this model in future releases :)
  8. Tompa9


    Will there be Rey model aswell? :)
  9. Tompa9

    MB2 weapons.dat???

    Hello admins, please could you tell where can I find that weapons.dat file, where are listed all parametres of weapons like shot speed, shot effect, damage and more? I can´t see it anywhere :)
  10. Tompa9

    Leia and Padme skins

    Hello, I´ve small suggestion. Is it really necessary to have 5 Leia and 4 (Sabe) Padme skins? It could create space for minimum 2-3 new hero models. So instead 8 skins, we could have only 5 which each one demonstrates one episode. Now we can add 3 new heroes :) Thanks
  11. Tompa9

    TFU: Galen in Adventure robe replacement

    Hello community, In the time when we are all waiting for version 1.4, i´ve decided to share this small replacement pack, which will be part of my bigger Tompa RP V1.4. It is Galen Marek in Jedi Adventure robe created by RevanKnight and with face of Starkiller from MovieBattles, which I´ve...
  12. Tompa9

    Jedi Outcast 2 demo hangar map

    Hello, so after long time, i´ve played famous demo of Jedi Outcast, and when i dueled this Reborn in that epic hangar, i realized, it could have been great duel map. Dont you want to create new duel map with this hangar ?Thanks :)...
  13. Tompa9

    Aayla Secura

    Hello devs, Have you seen this Aayla model? I think it is one of the best. I suggest to be added in new version (i know u have lot of work with adding Force Awakens models, but u shouldn´t forget about other models too). If not, i would add her to...
  14. Tompa9

    Melee mod

    Hello, can I ask developers, or somebody how to enable melee (punches, kicks..) which are in MB2 in normal base SP/MP? I know some "iknowkungfu" command in console, but how to add this pernamently like in this mod. Thanks a lot :-)
  15. Tompa9

    Asajj Ventress Staff

    Hello, I have found that Asajj Ventress staff is missing. Model in weapons2 is Ok, but .SAB file in ext_data is missing. So this sabver isnt listed :)
  16. Tompa9


    Hello, it´s me...I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet :D Im active again for about month, but i have never written to an Airlock section. So hi, Im Thomas from Czech Republic. I have played MB since start of RC1, so maybe it is more than 6 years. I was in czecho-slovak...
  17. Tompa9

    Replacement error

    Hello guys, Some of you know my new replacement pack. But i have a problem. People who downloaded it say that their game crashes after some period of time (30 mins average) I think it has to do something with collison of skins. Is there any other way to solve it instead of trying every model...
  18. Tompa9

    Tompa´s Replacement pack V1.4.6 + Saber hilts (release 15.8. 2016)

    Hello there, after a long period od time without MB2 i started to play again and I tried to find some nice models for replacement. There are still some good modders (JKHub community) who are doing a great job and updating best SW game in the world for us:) ... and so I used some things from...
  19. Tompa9

    MB2 icon tutorial

    Hello, could someone post me a manual of how to create mb2 icon for skins? Thx :-)
  20. Tompa9

    Report problem: Missing taunts for Revan

    Revan hasnt got any taunts, dont know if it is bug. Can developers fix this? :-)