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  1. SeV

    MBII Frag video: Short'n'1337

    It's been awhile since my last one. Hope you enjoy.
  2. SeV

    MBII Duels patch big boi

    I wanted to document dueling in this patch before I go into hibernation to await changes. I don't wanna rant about things here. I'll just say that the quality is not up to the usual standard since I had to record a lot of footage and then re-encode it. I hope it's still watchable.
  3. SeV

    MBII Frag Video: Really?

  4. SeV

    MBII Duels: Blue and Yellow edition!

    Recently, I've been on a streak making a few videos. But this is a big boy, so I thought I'd advertise it here.
  5. SeV

    MBII patch Open mode vid

    A freshly baked open mode vid to follow the duel vid I released yesterday. I hope you enjoy.
  6. SeV

    MBII Duels Patch

  7. SeV

    1.5.3 duels

    I tried patch 1.5.3 dueling yesterday. Since it has been so long, I forgot how to record and render my videos, so the colors are a bit weird and it took me 8 fucking hours to render it, thus a day delayed. My dueling style is a bit brutal because of my long absence, hope you enjoy despite...
  8. SeV

    The child.

    I rarely stop by the MB2 discord because I don't really play the game these days. But on this occasion I commented on a discussion in the beta test section about how we could improve the game. We were talking about dueling maps. Mace came and butted in, called me part of the problem and blamed...
  9. SeV

    I haven't played MBII consistently for 3 years, here's why.

    It's obviously a multifaceted problem, but I will try and boil it down to get a handle on this. I don't recall the exact patch where I started to feel this way, but it goes way back and it's not about saying 1.3 is better than 1.4 or V0 is better than X. I will be discussing game design...
  10. SeV

    MBII Duels 1.4.5 #9

    Ronin asked me to duel on discord. When I arrived on the server there were a whole bunch of people lining up to duel me lol. Had alot of fun, although I think I missed the first round? Not sure. Hope you enjoy this one, I think it turned out pretty noice :)
  11. SeV

    MBII Duels 1.4.5 #8

    Another one will be coming soon after this one. A few ppl know what happened :) Anyway, hope you enjoy as usual.
  12. SeV

    MBII Duels 1.4.5 #7

    Very rusty, but some people kept demanding more videos so I obliged them. Hope you enjoy :o
  13. SeV

    Impersonator :)

    Someone's been impersonating me on BG and my friend busted him. Seems like he was trying to act like me, and even said that he was recording a video (lol I'm not like Bill o'reilly I don't do em live, haven't been doing that for like 3-4 years). I would bet an old hat that the creature is...
  14. SeV

    MBII Duels 1.4.5 #6

    A legendary tale of a glowing dildo, and a no longer virgin patch. Raw.
  15. SeV

    Real talk, the future of MBII and ...

    Why I think forcing people to play a certain way is wrong. MBII has always been a small mod with a small community, so the idea of catering to a specific audience by pushing a specific playstyle onto people in order to garner a larger following seems like faulty logic to me. Just to get...
  16. SeV

    1.4.4 Duels #2

    While testing a QL mouse accel emulator I did some dueling, as result of that I acquired a few demos so I decided to post this despite the fact that I have little interest in the 1.4.4 system and was just messing about testing the accel and playing with a funky style. Still, this might be the...
  17. SeV

    Legendarium Vol.1 (Open Mode gameplay)

    Hey ya'll. This is a sort of frag movie/compilation for entertainment, enjoyment and potential historical value. These are unedited clips captured directly from Jamme. Therefore you may see some clips that end suddenly or go on for a second longer than they should. This is fine though, as...
  18. SeV

    Christmas video present(s)

    Sorry for the presumptuous title. They're just normal videos, the usual kind. Nothing fancy. *Cough* I wish I was being sarcastic, but it's the truth. Merry Christmas :) Dropbox - Christmas chill open mode.mp4 ----- Edit: Youtube is being a dick and won't show my open mode video with the...
  19. SeV

    1.4.4 Duels #1

    Just a little something to keep you entertained on a cold and dark winter night. Huh? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Actually it's just another normal dueling video, but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)
  20. SeV

    34 minutes of Red style.