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  1. Dra-Gon

    Reduce frag grenade point cost for solds

    Proposing to reduce frag grenade point cost for soldiers from 20 pts to 15 pts. Currently, secondary fire for frag grenade is a weaker version of concussion grenades - damage is lower, does not knock down flying targets, area of effect seems shorter as well (would need devs confirmation on...
  2. Dra-Gon

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    My os is windows 10 and I noticed that MB II allocates huge amount of windows handles, but does not release them. This does have impact on the actual game, because a very high number of assigned handles causes the WMI provider service to go into overdrive and use a lot of CPU. In my case, I...
  3. Dra-Gon

    Punish on client id and the punish dialogue bug

    Just now I was playing on EU official open. While I was afk, I was tked by some Robert guy. The guy then disconnected and after a little while Frank Lampart connected (and I assume) got his client ID. Now the dialog box for choosing punish / forgive listed Frank as the one I could potentially...
  4. Dra-Gon

    TKP on !Forgive

    Just got a thought. Would it be possible and desirable to remove tkp of someone who TKed you (literally did the last damage that got you killed) and you !forgive him? I don't mean full TKP, but TKP of the last damage you got before you died. For example you are a jedi with 50 hp, and some...
  5. Dra-Gon

    Respawn Protection Bubble

    It's a thing that has been bugging me for a long time, but I never really bothered to write it here. When you respawn and your respawn location is overrun with enemies, you're at the mercy of them and cannot do a thing about. While you do have protection bubble around you that prevents you from...