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  1. TheRanger1245

    Hide Saber Deflect when no Saber Defense has been purchased

    I have encounter multiple newbies thinking that Saber Deflect works without defense one. Correct me if I am wrong here, but the ability does nothing but drain your FP if you do not have any saber defense. I suggest that we hide it like we do with assemble when soldiers have not purchased any lives.
  2. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 4: New Soldier Loadouts?

    Before I begin, as the title implies, I do not think a lot of these ideas are feasible. I do, however, think they could be added in other ways. Anyway... Soldiers! You love them or you think they are boring. I get it, soldiers do not have that much when it comes to loadouts, but I have a few...
  3. TheRanger1245

    Buff Stand Melee Block

    Stand block in melee has no special features, and is utterly inferior to crouch block. They both move the same speed, counter punches, and null damage at the same rate...unless I am mistaken? Crouch block allows you to insta-kata kicks and is invulnerable to sweep. We have this mechanic, so why...
  4. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 3: Projectile Rifle Ignores Armor

    The Projectile rifle is in a decent spot right now, but I have been thinking about a potentially interesting change for a while. What if the Projectile rifle ignored armor health (Most SW armor is designed to block energy and shrapnel, but not slugs)? This could give the Proj a new niche so it...
  5. TheRanger1245

    Lightning Push Alternate Fire Mode

    Allow Force User Siths use Lightning 2 if they hold use when they have lightning push. I have had many situations where a short zap could kill someone and a lightning push would send the enemy too far away. People could mistake normal lightning 3 for a push and think that it is on cooldown, so I...
  6. TheRanger1245

    Serious Suggestion: Force Power Reworks

    This is a serious post btw. Wall of text incoming lol. Ever since I first started playing MB2, players have been complaining about certain force powers. In this post I will try to give realistic responses/fixes to many of the most controversial powers. Also, I am no developer, so forgive me for...
  7. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion 2: When Clones Fly

    Ok round two of stupid yet well thought out suggestions. I have heard players complain about the Rebel side not having any flying classes, people complaining about how Reb classes are not as "fun", and that clones are boring/EZ. What if we gave clones jump packs? I mean the type of jetpack...
  8. TheRanger1245

    Semi Serious Suggestion: But what if we made Gloat/Flourish do Damage?

    Ok I know this sounds like a meme, but what if this was implemented? Imagine: a mandolorian flies over your head, so you flourish and snipe him! Before I get into the effects on gameplay, let me go ahead and put some restrictions on this OP concept. First, the animation would have a very...
  9. TheRanger1245

    TheRanger1245's Mb2 tutorial series

    A while ago, when I was still pretty new to the game, I searched YouTube for mb2 tutorials. I could not really find anything like I had found for other games that I like. Now that I understand the game, I am making the tutorials myself. Many tutorials for this game do exist online, but few are...
  10. TheRanger1245

    Finally made a forum account

    Hey it's TheRanger1245! Joined Mb2 December 2018. Finally decided to make a forum account. Uh... what else do I say here? Whatever. Hello!