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  1. FrenzY

    Confirmed smod maprestart causing join bug

    Unsure if this is related to everyone scrambing to set their points to get in before the timer starts, but this has been an issue for a while. On occasion clients just get locked out of getting in entirely and have to either recon or of they are wise, switch from imps to rebs / rebs to imps. On...
  2. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    V1.8.0.1 Update General Fix/Change: Players in private duels will no longer be able to enter vehicles that are assumed to have extra seats to avoid causing a potential server crash. Fix/Change: cg_twoPistolCrosshairs now only has an impact if you're not using convergent mode. Fix: Make...
  3. FrenzY

    Frenzy's 4:30AM ideas for melee changes

    I was going to post this in the dev area, but I decided it may be best to post here and see what you guys think about some of these proposed melee changes. I'd be interested in hearing what other melee-related ideas you may have as well! General: Switching to melee and holding block directly...
  4. FrenzY

    Fixed SBD's blaster fire origin needs to be lowered

    This can be seen cheesed often at a particular box in Lunar Base main (you can only see the very tip of their head, yet blaster fire manages to shoot over the box). The origin of the shot needs to be lowered more. This issue is related to where you are looking from with scope, I think. Wooks had...
  5. FrenzY

    Guide: Creating a Custom Model

    With v1.6 came a new feature to add custom models for whichever class you decide. This is more-or-less copied from how Base JKA works, but with a twist - you can now choose which custom model you want per class with a bit of work. All that requires is a tool for opening .pk3s, editing text files...
  6. FrenzY

    Movie Battles II V1.6.2 Released

    V1.6.2 Update General New: In acknowledgement of the global pandemic and a reminder to practice proper social distancing, we have added a special seasonal "hat" (face masks). As with other events, visibility can be toggled in Settings -> Video -> Visual Options -> Seasonal Hats, or with...
  7. FrenzY

    Unconfirmed Strange dynamic mega glow when throwing saber

    If you use Kylo Ren's lightsaber with dual sabers as your right handed saber, you can then throw it with a HUGE dynamic light glow that covers a very large area Very odd
  8. FrenzY


    If the round ends and you attempt to open up your class configuration menu, you instead end up saying in chat 'siegeclassopen1'. a bit of a silly UI bug, really.
  9. FrenzY

    Confirmed g_classlimits causing players to be booted off their class of choice

    Essentially g_classlimits will straight up boot you into spectator if someone takes your 'slot'. Instead of spectator, it should send that player by default to a soldier class + give the client a notification of what the hell just happened to them. Right now, most people think it is just...
  10. FrenzY

    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.3 Released

    V1.6.1.3 Update This hotfix focuses on the ongoing development of Legends Mode as well as fixes a few crashes/bugs. General Fix: Server crashing from turrets Fix: Wrist laser aiming from center offset Fix: Bad check for Deadly Sight causing server crashes (this should greatly increase...
  11. FrenzY

    Legends Mode Feedback

    Please leave feedback for Legends Mode here! Anything I see here will be considered. Legends is meant to be a playground of features, while also remaining competitive for those who know the ins and out of each class. Legends Mode (mbmode 4) also is meant to be an open workshop for those...
  12. FrenzY

    PowerBattles II - Attack of the Memes

    Are you looking for a hero? Find yours within this stupid-yet-charming creation. Releasing today! PBII is the most intensively-modified, most overpowered, most ridiculous Full Authentic (FA) modification ever created for Movie Battles! It is an homage to all the silly/cool/stupid shit people...
  13. FrenzY

    MovieBattles II V1.5.5 Released

    V1.5.5 Update This patch has a lot of OG base JKA content with 10 new FAs, and one very large and incredibly ridiculous FA - Power Battlles II. Hopefully it will be enough to tide everyone over while the next big release is being worked on! Important note for anyone who participated in the...
  14. FrenzY

    Not all servers showing up on Mac

    Is it just me, or are not all servers showing up for Mac users? Just wondering if it's just me or if others have noticed this bug as well. Would be great to have this fixed!
  15. FrenzY

    Technical Issue Mac issues: OpenJK / consistent crashing bug / servers hidden

    Hey, guys! So, it took me quite a while, but I got MBII working somewhat on my Macbook (early 2013) on Mac OSX 10.13.1 It's good to be back, I missed this mod. I could not get the launcher via mono to work (error messages), so I used the program OG dev @redsaurus posted...