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  1. FrenzY

    Momentum Dueling - Toxic or Productive?

    Would much rather have private duelers respawn near eachother, which was a feature concept @Tempest and I considered and iirc had a rough template for. I don't approve of 'duel_end' spam unless of course, both parties consent as you stated.
  2. FrenzY

    Old Casual - Saber Duels - Rant

    I stopped try-harding in duel mode for similar reasons, I find the current system lacks the creativity I seek and duels just don't feel good to me. But on Open and in scrims, it feels pretty good. Maybe instead of hanging out with the duel tryhards, hop on a CTF server and try things out there...
  3. FrenzY

    UM_Bespin Map, where can I find it?

  4. FrenzY

    Proof i am a God Of MBII

    I'm more amazed at how terrible of a screenshot this is.
  5. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II V1.8.2 Released

    There must be balance...
  6. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II V1.8.2 Released

    Special shout out to Spaghetti for his hard work on this patch, he did so many things... Also, great work, Bob Billy! Nar Shaddaa is a great addition to the CMP pack!
  7. FrenzY

    EW Monday Night Pick-Up Game TONIGHT @8pmEST

    You have to be on the Discord to join
  8. FrenzY

    Confirmed smod maprestart causing join bug

    Unsure if this is related to everyone scrambing to set their points to get in before the timer starts, but this has been an issue for a while. On occasion clients just get locked out of getting in entirely and have to either recon or of they are wise, switch from imps to rebs / rebs to imps. On...
  9. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    The FPS issues should be fixed soon tm
  10. FrenzY

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    Our greatest release.
  11. FrenzY

    US US Official Servers Admin Application

    I feel hesitant to approve of you for admin, considering the way you react so strongly to certain situations that bother you. Adminning definitely requires keeping a cool head. I think at times, you have that, but there are also moments (like today, and other days I have personally witnessed)...
  12. FrenzY

    The Ultimate AOD Clowning.

    Stop picking on those poor AOD guys, what did they ever do to you!?!? I'll defend you from Lockdown, AOD, don't be afraid!
  13. FrenzY

    ITT: Post your top 5 mb2 trolls

    Me: Makes Powerbattles II Them: You get honorable mention. Also, any old school MBIIers around? My list: 1) Master Dong 2) PrillaDog 3) Uppercuts 4) The entire tR clan 5) Windshaft
  14. FrenzY

    any good mods?

    Here are a few more: "Wow! Incredible!" sounds when landing a parry or counter with yo lightsaber (I made this) Changes crosshair to a dot (cg_crosshairsize # in the console is rather important for some of these as they...
  15. FrenzY

    any good mods?

    This changes your grip lock sound to "Is Wayne Brady Gonna have to Choke a Bitch"? From the very classic Dave Chappelle skit. It also changes the choke icon to a middle finger once you are successfully gripping. (Wes made the gfx)...
  16. FrenzY

    General feedback on the new patches

    This is a highlight for me (pun intended). Is there a way to differentiate each level's select so we can have actual descriptions for each new level and what the added ability or perk is? Having small captions at the bottom is not enough room for this, but having it on the side on highlight...
  17. FrenzY

    Dev Diary - Marvel

    The Marvel Beta @Frost made was a ton of a fun and that FA really set the precedence for the work I did in Power Battles, Legends, etc. Really excited to test and play this large marvel of a creation, @Plasma!
  18. FrenzY

    General feedback on the new patches

    I think the issue I see with alt frags currently is less related to damage and more related to how much they yeet people, making it really difficult to get a shot in after. This is probably the 'pseudo getup speed increase' that @GoodOl'Ben was feeling. If you secondary a Jedi, you basically...
  19. FrenzY

    Dev Diary - New Launcher and Open Beta - A Guide

    Fantastic, thank you for all your hard work on this, Defiant!
  20. FrenzY

    General feedback on the new patches

    I think there are a few ways to make some subtle improvements to alt frags. Some ideas off the top of the head being buffing the radius if it is not a direct hit, the grand return of nading dead bodies for an explosion or stagger, and also, finally... lowering the price of it a bit to feel more...