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  1. SMmania123

    MB2 Episode 2 - Grevious plays Movie Battles 2

    I made a shorter, theme-type video based on viewer feedback. I hope you enjoy it! Video - Channel -
  2. SMmania123

    Movie Battles 2 - Episode 1.1 "Great minds think alike" ft. Iron Knight Gaming

    New Video: Movie Battles 2 - Episode 1.1 "Great minds think alike" ft. Iron Knight Gaming My Channel SMmania123 Made this shorten version of Episode 1 with a small twist based on User Feedback, an even shorter Episode 2 will be coming out soon...
  3. SMmania123

    Movie Battles 2: Episode 1 - Agony & Comedy

    I'm going to be upload MB2 content whenever I can, so check em out when I post them if you would be so kind. This first episode got some painful, yet very funny moments in it, I think so anyway. It really picks up steam after the 2 first clips. New Video: Movie Battles 2: Episode 1 - Agony &...
  4. SMmania123

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy - Movie Battles 2 Complete Installation Guide

    <video link removed> The video I have been working on for a little while now is finally completed. I highly recommend using the timestamps on the YouTube video in the description. Use it to go to the pack section part, so you can use all the skin packs to work in tandem with one another. (You...
  5. SMmania123

    Technical Issue {!PLEASE HELP!} Launcher Issues Overload!

    I messed up big time, I accidentally clicked No on the launcher for Movie Battles 2 (Check Alert 1 image for details) and it says I can go change this in settings. But when I try to click play this pops up (Check Alert 2 image for details). And I didn't see any option to change this in the...