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  1. Jameson

    Launcher Not enough space on disk, launcher needs 3GB

    Hi, before start posting 'there are a lot of answers to this' i already tried to restart my PC, run as admin and i have a lot of free space on my pc: Any *other* solutions?
  2. Jameson

    Technical Issue FPS drops after updating driver

    So, i downloaded Battlefront 2 beta and it gave me an error saying that i need to update my driver. And i went to updating it visiting nvidia site and updated my driver to 385.28. After that i go played beta (Which was pretty awesome) and then decided to play some mb2 afterwards. But i see that...
  3. Jameson

    Rogue One map suggestions and ideas.

    Hey! I just rewatched rogue one and decided to think about future mb2 content and what it could be. And by it I mean the maps. Rogue One had some beautiful designed locations and were also enjoyable to be seen. So for the maps there could be: mb2_jedhacity, mb2_eadubattle, mb2_scarif. FA...
  4. Jameson

    Music settings.

    We all know that peneke pack adds feature that can allow you to change soundtracks while playing. So what do you think about the idea of adding that feature to vanila mb2? I always thought it should be in game and in my opinion if you play dotf( or any other map) for a while and you are already...
  5. Jameson

    Summer '!spin' servers?

    So I wanted to discuss the thing about all favorite !spin servers. Last year there were a lot of EU, US !spin servers like in the beginning of summer. I don't really see them now. Was pretty fun to loose your saber and getting jetpack. Would be nice to do that again.
  6. Jameson

    Thank you Movie Battles team.

    Hello there. This is the day when I 1st started playing mb2( June 1 2016). I wanted to thank everyone who was/is working on this amazing mod. I bought JkA only because of this mod. This is an amazing mod even with trolls, angry people(including me xD), etc. Star Wars is one of the best...
  7. Jameson

    Ban request: Onio n and Rip*Cock, The ally.

    Name(s): Onio n and Rip*Cock, the ally. Reason: Insults, trolling. Server: BG Server [RTV] Evidence: This is for Viserys or any BG Server RTV admin.
  8. Jameson

    [SOLVED] Bug with trees

    Guys can you help me here? Please :)
  9. Jameson

    Becoming Admin

    How to become admin on your own server?