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  1. Fang

    Fire Nade Change Suggestion

    lasts too long imo
  2. Fang

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    the tk points were too restrictive. i got !p'd once on US official, had 300 tk points for 8 rounds.
  3. Fang

    Balancing Sense Suggestion

    sense does need to change imo, i dunno how right now. sense 3 definitely does, its literal wallhacks for minor cost
  4. Fang

    Dev Diary - New Launcher and Open Beta - A Guide

    my only real complaint is the mini/maximise feature having the old launcher keys. otherwise pretty it's an alright launcher. it does the job
  5. Fang

    Technical Issue How to Disable Fullscreen

    its possible r_mode 0 or r_mode 1 or r_mode -1 (likely r_mode -1 first) might help you. i used to have to do that a long time ago
  6. Fang

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    guess a rollback and suffer whistle. better yet, taunt antispam on ???
  7. Fang

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    EU clientel pog
  8. Fang

    Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released

  9. Fang

    Remove whistle.

    the song of my people
  10. Fang

    Antivirus false positive

    The IDP.Generic is not related to one specific file. It is a common threat name and could be found anywhere, such as when using a python file or somewhere in your game folders. Most people experiencing this use Avast antivirus tools, although it has been found with other antivirus programs as...
  11. Fang

    Feedback Thread: CTF Open Beta #3 - August 13th 2021

    i havent had time to play much but from what ive watched id probably add jedi to that cuz speed 3. but i would probably nerf speed OUTSIDE the main game for jedi in ctf
  12. Fang

    Dev Diary - New Launcher and Open Beta - A Guide

    I cant really think of anything bad. It's pretty, has quick access to things. Assuming its user friendly, might even see a player surge. Just needa fix some of the weird bugs
  13. Fang

    Harassed by AoD, Now my Discord Account is Temporarily Suspended

    finally our LGTBBQ discord creators who have partnered with AOD have finally destroyed you
  14. Fang

    Removal of Random Mechanics

    MaYbE yOu ShOuLd GeT gOoD
  15. Fang

    Me and Smolder 1V1

  16. Fang

    NA is dead. fix it

    lindsey go happy attitude hides an actual hatred for sitting around waiting for some dude hiding in trash for 5m
  17. Fang

    NA is dead. fix it

    to be fair, LOCKDOWN did say that tr will die unless he gets admin.
  18. Fang

    (RAGEPOST) collect player's accuracy for FAIR-PLAY

    wallhacks is the only real viable shit in this mod lol