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    Remove whistle.

    u should be removed from the dev team. u are an embarrassment. just sit down. Those other taunts? THEY ARE THINGS THE CHARACTERS ACTUALLY SAY IN THE FRANCHISE. THUS THE ENTIRE POINT OF TAUNTS TO BEGIN WITH!!! What fucking rock did u come up from under to be on this team? I can't even, I giveup...
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    Remove whistle.

    why was this added. just give 1 good reason that is legitamite. Why wud they sing teh theme song...whistle of all things....theey dont kno the theme song they r characters in the....i giveup. remove this bullshit. whoever cameup with this should be given 99 shots of covid vaccine. its clearly...
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    Moviebattles II 1.8.1 Released

    So....What part of this update was useful to players who play....? Maybe in 10 more patches the ignore cmds and ur moderation ignore menu will actually work...? Ya I wasnt counting on it either. Next patch r u gonna make it so we can't turnoff 'festive surgical masks'? Seems like the kind of...
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    ITT: Post your top 5 mb2 trolls

    these are just timewasting melee fags not trolls. trolls do stuff, these people do nothing
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    General feedback on the new patches

    Who cameup with the brilliant idea of putting the play and spec keys right ontop of eachother with instant input? Its hilarious how if I hold my mousekey for even a little bit or use a mouse with higher response times It sends me to spec. Or have a mouse that double clicks...which all mice start...
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    Penekepack 2.1 is out // PATCH FOR 1.8 RELEASED!

    This hasnt fixed the one damn thing I wanted fixed which was the zabrak female soldier on imps side. Can u fix this. selecting it makes u a jedi
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    What is the 'goal' behind Legends as a mode? And why aren't you following it -_-

    OPen mode: a mode where u can play all the classes and skins from the movies in a 'balanced' teambased objective based gamemode Full-authentic: something about being authentic in terms of skins and then ruining everything with an idiotic need to balance. Also dumbing gameplay down to 1 weapon...
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    Giving 'small' 'out of duel' passive bp regen to defense 3.

    Honestly I'd argue for passive bp regen in general, with changes to the overall bp system (aka alot less bp), but like all good things lets focus on rolling out an idea in a limited fashion first. Let me make this clear, this addition should not affect duels at all. AT ALL. Unless someone runs...
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    The state of Deka and the Tweaking needed

    Let's talk about deka. It's an sbd....with less mobility, harder counters, higher-rewards. Imo, historically, its always the deka that is more worthwhile to play than the sbd if you want to make a big splash on the battlefield...or are tired of normal class mechanics feeling too...
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    REhashing the failed semi-authentic mode.

    Guess I'll do the negatives then, this: - Waters down the point of fa/rp/authenticity/lore/cannon to begin with which is: for everyone to willingly participate in some form of 'conceived sense of rp". What do I mean by that? Well forcing all skins on ur screen to look like clones....might give...
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    grenade secondary fire

    Test quickthrow hero and then shutup. Or crucify the you who wrote the above. Whichever u feel is appropriate.
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    REhashing the failed semi-authentic mode.

    Semi-authentic was always a weird game-mode. Most of you never even played it. I barely remember its mechanics tbh. It was basically open mode with specific classes unlocked with just a handful of skins...all of which suited the map in question 'somewhat'. It was at most a really bad version of...
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    you should remove that admin can remove tk point if possible

    welcome to aod.....welcome to kimmymarine official server admin....;;welcome to tR offsetting server costs.....welcome to US deathstar aka aod deathstar. Something tells me the cycle will continue for a long long time. THere is no justice and there is no peace on any mbii servers. Just learn...
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    General feedback on the new patches

    Remember when posting "This is good, good job on this, I love this" posts were banned from the forums? It honestly seems comical and unbelievable that such a time existed. If I can delete 95% of your thread and not subtract a single point of discussion....SOMETHIGN IS WRONG.
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    Dev Diary - New Launcher and Open Beta - A Guide

    I like how u put all the links to sites u should avoid ever visiting, *breaths* together in a nice unorganized web of shit.
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    Removal of Random Mechanics

    entire op is close the thread.
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    Saber fights too long, lower BP maximums.

    Takes too long to duel or cleave anything. If I make a major mistake....the fight drags so much that I can easily correct given that long amount of time. If I surprise someone with a red lunge or red strike and they aren't holding block it should disarm or cleave straight through them. Instead...
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    melee abilities need a dedicated bind

    What is ur complaint then..? u can fix it urself....yet ur saying ur tired of not being able to fix it urself....ur trolling urself if anything here. Go and fix it since u claim u can. Problem solved. People in general don't want 3 keys to do something u can do with 2.
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    push should cost 100 fp

    The fact people would still use it.....kinda validates ur point as more than just trolling/fluff.
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    Fix Groundstab delay -_-

    What is ur problem? The animation is explicit. Anyone who uses groundstab more than once can see where the animation stars and where it ends and where the hit it supposed to be. when u can exit the animation and it still has yet to land the hit thats a problem