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  1. Bob-Billy

    Hosting Server Server crashing during map change

    Hello, our server has been crashing a lot recently during map change for no apparent reason. The server is on linux (Ubuntu) with the most recent OpenJK version; it runs fine for hours, even with 32 players, but it crashes often during the map change. Here's last crash log : Hopefully...
  2. Bob-Billy

    Downfall music replacement!QQ0VQAQT!5nA_qOy350C4GH_9nyoNbSITCG6xttCTNifAm7a65_w This is a top tier music , an instant adrenaline rush , it can turn your nades into nuclear bombs , just love :porg-scared:
  3. Bob-Billy

    Do not click on this !

  4. Bob-Billy

    [SOLVED] Jacklul is bugged ?

    HELP GUYS : Movie Battles II Server List Thanks guys !
  5. Bob-Billy

    Not a medic class , but a medic build

    I know there's like 45646516546 threads about it and i know that most of you including devs are totally against a medic class because it would unbalance the game or cause some troubles like "healing a wook from 20hp to 400hp" , "dealing with situation like : omg no heal in our team wtf , heal...
  6. Bob-Billy

    Not enough DoT in the game ?

    The main dot in the game is "the poison dart" which is only available for Bounty Hunter... We should have more skills like corrosive nades or dioxis nades , (or another forcewhoring skill like creeping terror, deathfield , forcedrain or whatever) , dot classes are funny to play and really...
  7. Bob-Billy

    Jakku map is amazing !

    Thanks you guys ! Such an awesome job ! 10/10 !!! o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O (still waiting for Nien Nunb model btw)
  8. Bob-Billy

    Sullustan Model

    We need Sullustan & Nien Nunb model o_Oo_Oo_O
  9. Bob-Billy

    Happy valentine day

    I love you guys lol